Aug 28, 2018

How to Lead the Pack in B2B Video Streaming

Live video streaming is becoming increasingly popular for B2B lead generation, and for good reason. First of all, 82% of prospects reported that they prefer live video to your average social post. And when it comes to Facebook, users spend three times longer watching live video than they do watching those that are pre-recorded.

Marketers have long known about the power of video when it comes to storytelling and persuasion. Similarly, video is excellent for spreading your company’s promotional content while connecting emotionally with your audience. However, streaming video must be used properly if you hope to reap the benefits of this amazing medium.

The Strength of Live-Streaming Video

Streaming video offers a wide variety of benefits. For one, the videos work in both long and short form, allowing you to spread virtually any type of content you wish, from press releases to live event check-ins to quick tips for your audience on the fly. Long form does work, believe it or not, as the best performing videos on Facebook Live run around 20 minutes or longer.

Streaming video can also be consumed on any device in real time, giving you complete access to your audience whenever you have something to say.

Furthermore, streaming videos can be repackaged, repurposed, and shared using a variety of channels. Once the streaming is over, you have a nice video you can pass around to your heart’s content.

Consider a Pre-Show Setup

While streaming video is designed to look like you just decided to push record out of nowhere, you’ll generally not want to stream without doing some sort of prep work. That’s because your videos should always align with your brand’s goals and values. This means you should pay special attention to any music you feature, visual cues, and sound. You’ll want to do a mental visualization and pre-briefing with your team which will keep everyone on brand and prepared for what might unfold live on camera.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when doing a pre-show setup ritual:

    • Go for Simplicity: The more equipment you add to your live streaming setup, the more complexity you’ll infuse into your project and the greater the chances that something will go wrong. Keep to a single device and keep any script notes or outlines handy, and that’s it. Generally speaking, you’ll want to keep everything as streamlined as possible for the best results.
    • Have Someone Confirm You’ve Gone Live: Have a person on-hand to watch your stream and have that person give you a thumbs up that everything looks and sounds great. This extra person can also be an excellent troubleshooter to help with any problems as they arise while you’re streaming live.
    • Have a Topic in Mind: You should have some idea of what you want to say before you press record. A script or at least a general outline can help keep you on track while you speak to your audience. Oh, and if you don’t really have anything to say, the best advice is to save your stream for when you do have a viable topic in mind.
  • What to Stream About: According to LiveStream, 56% of most-watched live content consists of breaking news. Conferences and speakers tied with concerts and festivals at 43%.

Other great topics include Question and Answer sessions, as well as live games, contests, and polls. Filming at events, conferences and meeting luminaries in your field also qualify.

    • Get in the Mood: Never live stream while you’re feeling foul. Instead, get yourself psyched up and think about the enjoyment of your audience. Then press record and begin.
  • Look Presentable: Smooth your hair, make sure your clothes look washed and unwrinkled and smile so we can see those pearly whites. While you’re at it, check your background for any offensive or off-putting material .decide, if you will be active and which scenes you want to be depicted in every shot. You can even storyboard your live stream beforehand if you prefer.

How to Record a Professional Streaming Video

    • Look at the Camera: Just as it’s a best practice to write blogs in second person so that your audience feels as though you’re speaking directly to them, you should film your live streaming videos while looking right at the camera lens. You can give shout-outs to any viewers you notice who pop into the stream feed, but otherwise, speak to “You” and “Your” to make your streams feel more personal. This helps to build a bond with your audience so that they’ll be more likely to tune in the next time you go live.
    • Start Immediately: Don’t tell your audience to hang on while you prepare or that you’re about to give them what they expect. The moment you press record, go live. Start speaking and delve right into your subject while keeping your mind on the end goal.
    • Consider Alternating Guests and Settings: Don’t always film one person or setting, as that can lead to streaming fatigue. Instead, add a guest host every now and then or switch hosts completely. Do the same with your setting. If you always film in your office, consider filming from an event or the local coffee shop. Hotels often have nice lobbies and would also make a nice backdrop for an impromptu presentation.
    • Consider Using On-Screen Text: You know how Facebook automatically mutes its videos, forcing people to click on them if they want to hear the content? You can bypass this feature by using onscreen text to give your audience an idea of the streaming video’s content. Consider writing something that builds anticipation and prods your prospects to click and watch, such as breaking news or “We’re Live! Click to watch now!”
    • Use an Engaging Title: A title that demands attention can also entice viewers who may be automatically muted. The best titles are those that align with your audience’s goals. What would your buyer persona like to see in his or her video feed? Come up with that answer and press record to go live. Just as you experiment with different topics, play around with your titles to see what orders and techniques drive your number of live viewers.
  • Trim After Pressing Stop: Once your video has played, feel free to trim the beginning if it was a tad rocky. You can also add an intro and ending credits if you want. The beauty of streaming is that it’s personal, live, and anything can go, which is why it’s so exciting for viewers. But the video is yours thereafter, so feel free to make it unique and even more engaging post-production and for future audiences.


These tips will help you film must-watch streaming videos on any digital platform. Ensure you get the most bang for your buck by selecting the social channel that offers the most viewership, be it Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or another streaming platform. You are also encouraged to experiment with various platforms to see which one performs the best, as well as experiment with different content to see what your audience most prefers. Once again, with streaming video, anything goes. What topic will you stream about first?

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