We are B2B marketing pioneers for a data-driven era.

We live and breathe B2B, and we’re proud to play a role in shaping its past and future as agents of change who drive forward progress through innovation. The agency’s founders, who still own and run it, created Elevation Marketing to produce inspiring, impactful marketing for B2B organizations across industries, disciplines and borders while providing a great place to work for our creative and strategic team of awesome people.

As one of the first B2B-focused marketing agencies in the US, we’ve seen tremendous transformation since the days of our founding when the internet was still being hailed as an “information superhighway.” We’ve been part of every big shift and megatrend—from technology integration, new channels and advancements in strategy to data-driven storytelling and today’s increased demands on marketing and sales to deliver in hyper-competitive markets.

One thing that has stayed consistent is our passion for pushing beyond the expected to deliver measurable and sustainable results for our clients.

Mission Statement

Ignite the human spirit to create great marketing that delivers measurable results.

Vision Statement

Build a consistently evolving global marketing agency that drives our employees, clients and brands we serve to reach their full potential.

Value Statement

People – Each employee, partner and client deserve to reach their full potential.
Integrity – Honesty, truth-telling and transparency must always exist.
Collaboration – Creating great marketing relies on each stakeholder to fully engage in the process without personal, professional or relational roadblocks.
Results – As individuals, we own our successes, the success of our fellow employees and the success of our clients.
Evolution – With purpose, we embrace tomorrow’s opportunities through continuous planning, self-assessment, training, learning and activation.

Disruptive storytellers and strategists.

Gaining a competitive edge requires innovative solutions that motivate engagement and promote desired business actions. To disrupt, you must leverage data to reach decision-makers where they are and go beyond the conventional in your messaging. The insights at the heart of winning marketing aren’t derived from experience and market familiarity alone. Business wins come from rigorous research methodologies, business intelligence derived from high-quality data, out-of-the-box creative thinking and technical expertise in aligning martech solutions to campaigns and strategies that exceed the expectations of modern B2B buyers.

Whether we’re implementing a rebrand, executing an account-based marketing campaign or optimizing a martech stack, our mission stays the same – to empower our clients’ brands and teams to achieve their business goals and reach their full potential.

Executive Leadership

Meet our leadership team.


Scott Miraglia


Scott is a balanced risk-taker with nearly three decades of experience starting and growing advertising and marketing agencies. His business acumen is matched with a drive to build creative teams that thrive in open, collaborative work environments. Scott seeks out the best creative individuals, not only to provide quality service to clients but to also play a role in shaping the future of Elevation Marketing. He is dedicated to empowering his talented teams to develop unique and effective integrated marketing programs, enabling employees to realize their full potential while serving up impressive business wins for clients.


Ryan Gould

COO, & Executive Vice President, Client Strategy

From legacy Fortune 100 institutions to inventive start-ups, Ryan brings extensive experience with a wide range of B2B clients. He skillfully architects and manages the delivery of integrated marketing programs with a strong emphasis on strategy, not just tactics, to effectively align sales and marketing teams within organizations.

Ryan is known for taking complex marketing and business challenges and developing solutions that simplify processes while driving customer outcomes and business value. He also thrives on guiding Elevation teams through the execution of strategies that help companies succeed in new verticals while staying true to core values and brand integrity.


Lori Cox

Vice President, Revenue Operations & Client Development

Lori’s career begins with 10+ years’ experience working for large industry giants Sprint and Johns Manville before launching a successful full-service agency in 2010 based in Nova Scotia. Since the acquisition of her firm in 2019, Lori has been leading strategic programs for global brands driving brand advocacy and measurable results for the clients she serves. Lori enjoys applying her client and agency-side experience across many industries and helping clients close the gap between their brand and their buyers. Lori is a proud MBA alumna of the Sobey School of Business.


Susan Saltwell

Vice President, Account Services

Susan is a driving force in brand strategy and has nearly 20 years of agency management experience. Prior to joining Elevation Marketing, Susan was VP of Strategy at Sandstorm Design in Chicago. She also taught marketing as an adjunct professor at Columbia College for 11 years. Always starting from the business problem, Susan provides our clients with a wealth of know-how, helping solve the puzzle strategically and then bringing it to life across current and emerging B2B media and marketing opportunities


Darren Jones

Creative Director

Elevation Marketing is a top-tier B2B agency thanks to Creative Director Darren Jones. Darren’s background involves more than 20 years in computer graphics, animation, illustration, production and concept art experience. He represents an exceptionally unique mix of artistic intuition, technical ingenuity and creative intelligence. Before starting his tenure with Elevation, Darren worked with a wide variety of industries, experience that powers his creativity to capture the attention of key audiences and bolster our clients’ bottom line.


Cari Pollack

Vice President of Paid Media, Lead Gen and Digital

Cari is a data-driven marketer with deep roots in demand generation. With a global track record of success, she has crafted winning strategies and programs that turbocharge pipeline and revenue growth in diverse B2B and B2C environments, particularly excelling in the high-tech B2B SaaS sector over the past decade. As a former strategic consultant in IBM’s marketing automation team, she has consulted with hundreds of marketers in all corners of the world, helping them develop, launch, and optimize end-to-end go-to-market strategies that consistently deliver growth and leverage the right technology at the right time. Cari is passionate about aligning sales and marketing teams, both strategically and tactically, to ensure that no leads are left behind.

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