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The technology that drives business-to-business marketing is continually evolving. What worked last quarter may not work today. What’s important is to have a digital marketing strategy to guide the development of your digital assets.

Elevation Marketing is a B2B web design agency with seasoned consultants who know how to deliver. Need a traditional website, a mobile website, or maybe a new app? With expertise in web programming and UI/UX design, we build for the business and design for the user. Combining research-driven strategy, responsive coding, and interactive experiences, we engineer sites that help you sell more. By analyzing buyer behavior, we elevate website design to turn passive website visitors into active users.a

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Request B2B Website Proposal.

Contact Elevation today. You’ll love the results.

The benefits of updating your B2B web design

B2B web development isn’t a one-and-done project. The technology that drives B2B marketing is continually evolving, as are customer expectations and online technologies. Effective websites evolve with technology updates, market trends and business strategy. For this reason, business websites should be redesigned every two to four years. As an experienced agency, we redesign your corporate website to address new technologies, market trends, functionality issues and user challenges, improving the user experience and helping you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Best practices for website design

Our web design agency follows best practices including:

Mobile-first design. In today’s market, mobile-friendly, responsive website design is crucial even for a B2B marketing website. We ensure that your website will perform well on any mobile device, which optimizes your site for search results and improves the user experience.

Home page. Our web design experts provide clear and concise home page content that helps first-time visitors quickly understand your service and product offerings, your targeted industries, why they should buy and how.

Blog. Our content team writes thought leadership content that answers the questions your audience is searching for and nurtures prospects and customers throughout the customer journey. Then we measure blog performance to optimize content.

Lead gen forms. Your lead gen form is one of the most important aspects of your website design. Our expert website developers create lead gen forms that convert and place them in the ideal places throughout your site.

Attractive design and intuitive navigation. Effective visual design for a B2B site is clean, appealing and easily navigated. Our graphic designers create visual elements that are easily understood, relatable to your target audience and appropriate to the context of the page.


Design services for B2B websites

Our website design services include:

  • Structure and navigation design
  • User experience studies and design
  • Custom ecommerce applications
  • User-friendly content management
  • Content optimization and link building
  • Lead generation forms that convert
  • Web and enterprise portal development
  • Performance, load and stress testing
  • SEO copywriting and content strategy
  • Conversion-centered landing page design
  • Research-based consulting and recommendations

Content Management System (CMS) platforms

An experienced web design agency will recommend the best CMS to fit your business needs. Every CMS has different features and functionalities. Opensource CMS platforms like WordPress are easily hacked and not appropriate organizations that collect sensitive data or must comply with data privacy regulations. Consider:



  • WordPress is a popular opensource CMS that has an easy-to-use interface and many ready-to-use templates and plugins. Lower development and management costs combined with its flexibility and extremely large developer base makes this platform the go-to for businesses large and small.
  • Drupal is an opensource CMS that effortlessly handles spikes of heavy traffic. It has an interface that is a bit more complex than WordPress.
  • Umbraco is an opensource CMS that is deployed on a Microsoft based infrastructure. It effectively manages many pages and easily integrates with third-party tools.
  • Kentico is a proprietary, closed-source CMS platform built on Microsoft based infrastructure for building ecommerce and feature-rich websites.
  • Sitecore is a standalone managed CMS platform for large businesses and enterprises. It combines CMS with contextual intelligence and omnichannel automation technologies.
  • CMS Hub from HubSpot is an opensource CMS that streamlines your marketing website with your sales and marketing process.

Common mistakes in B2B web design

Some of the mistakes organizations make when they don’t hire an experienced B2B web development firm include:

  • Building a siloed website. A site that is built to look great and provide information to your prospects without tying into your marketing strategy won’t provide optimal value. Elevation understands the role and importance of your site across your entire channel strategy.
  • Too many plugins. You need to be thoughtful in what plugins you choose. Plugins pose a security risk. The more plugins the larger the security risk, the more potential for functionality issues, update issues and integration issues. They also slow down page speed, and slow-loading pages not only lose prospects but rank lower in search results.
  • Not accounting for seasonality. Elevation will never build or launch your site during your busy season. Instead, we ensure your site launch happens at a time when staff and customers can adjust to the new interface to ensure business doesn’t come to a halt.
  • Breaking your existing SEO. If you don’t carefully map any redirects and incorporate high-ranking keywords into your site, you can break your existing SEO. Elevation’s digital team is strategic about your web design project, ensuring the user experience, thought leadership and keyword strategy significantly improve your rank in search results.

Know what to look for in an experienced website design agency for B2B

Elevation Marketing has the tools and experience to provide a successful B2B website for your company:

  • B2B marketing experience
  • A thorough understanding of your industry and sales cycle
  • A thorough web discovery, research and audit process
  • An integrated online marketing strategy
  • A strategy that follows your messaging matrix, personas, style guide, brand guidelines
  • The technical know-how to integrate your applications and technologies
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