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According to Forrester Research, B2B eCommerce in the U.S. is forecast to reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales by 2023. These are exciting times for B2B eCommerce no doubt—but the challenge for B2B marketers is delivering a superior online shopping experience that rivals the B2C one their customers have come to expect.

In B2C eCommerce, it is fine to employ a variety of individual tactics in each market or category with varying levels of success because sales cycles are short, target audiences are broad, products are easily understood and tracking ROI is easy and quick. Not so in B2B—where marketers can’t waste time or resources guessing. Successful B2B marketers know that there is no substitute for knowing exactly where your customers come from, and most importantly how they find you.

Elevation Marketing is a B2B eCommerce agency that firmly believes in starting with the research, formulating a strategy and planning the development of creative concepts that will be visually compelling to your audience, improve user flow throughout your eCommerce site, provide a consistent customer experience, encourage customer engagement and ultimately boost conversion.

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Smart B2B eCommerce Solutions.

Depending on the stage in the eCommerce business lifecycle your B2B target customers reside in, we may implement organic search services including SEO and link-building, and paid media tactics like pay-per-click (PPC), paid search like Google Adwords and paid social media advertising to support stronger online sales. We may also employ a combination of tactical tools like text ads, banner ads, re-targeting, geo-fencing, programmatic digital techniques and website development. In addition, we can seamlessly integrate content management with ERP systems, and ensure your site is compatible on mobile devices too.

How we can help new eCommerce companies

For B2B companies new to eCommerce, we offer an integrated, multi-phase approach that broadens awareness among prospective customers and fosters trusted, longstanding relationships. It begins with research to inform a strategy that streamlines the user experience and seamlessly ushers the customer to checkout, reducing friction in the buying process along the way as much as possible. We develop in-bound marketing strategies that increase net new opportunity for new businesses that need to generate quality leads and develop a pipeline of prospects fast. We also help grow customer conversion rates and streamline the customer experience to inspire return customers.

We put the deep-dive insights to work developing a marketing campaign, creative design and assets that entice customers to not only explore the full value proposition of sourcing their needs from your company’s product or services selection, but also go beyond transactions and provide meaningful interactions between customers and your brand.

Naturally, the actual deliverables of our innovation process vary depending on your business. Whether they are product concepts, service concepts, brand concepts, or actionable business strategies – they are directly driven by your company’s, customers’ and marketplace needs as articulated in this refined and proven process.

The resulting buy-in not only gives you better acceptance of new products and services, but also assures enduring customer loyalty (which is one of the main drivers of future growth).

How we can help established eCommerce companies

For established B2B eCommerce companies, we begin with a comprehensive audit of your site which uncovers technical, functional, design and branding needs, while immersing our team into your brand positioning, messaging and competitive position in the market, to reveal opportunities for greater customer interaction along your online customer’s journey.

For example, when your eCommerce customers put items into their online shopping cart, only to abandon them without completing the purchase—understanding your customer’s user experience on their way to purchasing products on your site is actionable insight we use to craft a series of email reminders that are proven to help. We implement actionable insight to increase traffic to your eCommerce site, boost awareness about your brand, and better highlight special promotions and offers that will effectively move the needle with your targets. Our team is well experienced at creating personalized email campaigns, targeted promotions, and at crafting intimate messaging that speaks to each shopper individually, inspiring customer loyalty.

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We not only focus on delivering more sales today, but also develop options for targeting audiences in the future, including A/B testing of landing pages and crafting successful email marketing messages that are based on knowledge about your buyers and their needs that they will respond to with clicks and conversions.

Our creative team puts its artistic intuition, technical ingenuity and creative intelligence to work producing innovative design, content assets and online experiences aligned to both your overall business strategy, and customer expectations, including online, print, social media and radio ads, out-of-home experiences, direct mail and email and social media campaigns that drive people to a custom landing page.

At Elevation Marketing, we strive to help you achieve extraordinary results—and we have experience meeting the high expectations of some of the most well-known B2B eCommerce companies in the world to prove we do just that.

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