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Industrial Tool and Equipment Suppliers Who Implement Modern Marketing Strategies Will Enjoy Long-Term Success

Digital transformation has changed the buyer-supplier relationship in the tool and heavy equipment space. We’ve seen fundamental shifts in the buyer profile, specifically: less brand loyalty, expectations of a B2C-like web experience and a need for more business and pricing transparency, to name a few.

Serving industrial buyers is not solely a digital play, either. Suppliers can benefit from a research-backed marketing strategy that embraces a wide range of tactics, all in sync, developed for long-term business success.

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Doing the Legwork

There are plenty of digital marketing agencies touting tool and industrial expertise. Most emphasize a few digital tactics for lead generation, but this is scattershot at best. Instead, we develop a comprehensive marketing plan by diving deep into your specific business challenges, competitors, and industry dynamics, then leverage this research to target fully-developed buyer profiles on the channels they frequent.

Your specific industrial buyer might respond to email campaigns and social media outreach. Yet, some seasoned buyers prefer face-to-face meetings at tradeshows and industry gatherings, still relevant channels in the tool and machinery space. Early research informs a well-rounded strategy and removes the guesswork around who to target.

Branding With Innovation in Mind

Tool and heavy equipment manufacturers and suppliers face pressure from international competitors. As a result, that shifting buyer profile mentioned earlier prefers suppliers who are on the leading edge of innovation.

You don’t need to be a new, disruptive company to develop a brand image that highlights innovation. An established company in need of a brand lift, for example, can use white papers, case studies and testimonials that highlight outside-the-box thinking to support the brand. At the same time, they can develop a brand style guide to govern how logos, taglines and other elements are used in digital or print content and collateral to visually support branding and content efforts.

The Necessity of a Digital Marketing Plan

Since many industrial buyers do search for tools, machinery and equipment on Google, a company hungry for leads can deploy SEO and PPC efforts as tactics for traction. But they shouldn’t forget to complement them with an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website that has pricing transparency and easy-to-find contact information. And remember, a digital marketing plan is still a collection of tactical pieces attached to well-researched buyer needs and behaviors that may need to complement some traditional approaches as well.

Elevation Marketing has considerable experience in the tool and equipment space. Our clients have seen first-hand the positive impacts of a proprietary innovative process we call “LEAF”, which stands for look/listen/learn, envision, activate, forward. This process includes a multi-stage discovery phase and deep dive into individual company and competitive landscapes to develop a comprehensive plan. This planning informs strategic thinking, effective messaging and inspired creative design. Our agency offers:

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