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Construction Companies That Mix Traditional and Digital Marketing Gain a Competitive Advantage

Those in the construction industry want fast and efficient solutions they can trust. They tend to be skeptical of, and impervious to, hype-driven marketing and sales tactics. They want the facts without the fluff. It’s important to use straightforward messaging with the information that matters to them most:

  • Engineers, architects and designers are interested in specifications and performance.
  • Builders and general contractors are looking at costs and timelines.
  • Subcontractors care about ease of installation, supply and reliability.
  • Owners and operators want to understand operating costs and risk control mechanisms.

Properly positioning a product or service is imperative. Knowing the customer, and knowing the factors influencing how they buy, is essential. The B2B construction sales cycle can be very long. Companies are often subject to rigorous bidding processes, which influences pricing. Public safety is paramount. Decisions are made accordingly

Requests for Proposal (RFPs) are central to the industry, but B2B marketing can make a significant difference in the way a company’s brand is perceived. Today, construction companies invest about 13% of their revenue in marketing activities. The best return on investment comes from a mix of traditional and digital marketing techniques.

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Collaborate with Sales for Effective Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) allows construction companies to precisely target those in the B2B space by preferred financial profile, product and service portfolio, customer base and any number of other data points. Executed in collaboration with the sales team, it can generate leads, accelerate the business development cycle, help products and services stand out in a sea of competitors, and nurture lasting customer relationships.

What sets you apart is the story you tell about those products and services. Your brand story is powerful and uniquely, wonderfully yours, and it has its own built-in set of storytellers—your employees. When done well those storytellers include your customers, too. Don’t just tell them to believe, give them a reason to believe. Appeal to their senses and emotions in addition to their intellect.

Explore Digital Marketing Techniques to Connect with Today’s Customers.

Millennials are moving into leadership positions at work. They’re a digital-savvy generation, and they expect a B2C experience where they can research products and services without the input of a salesperson; easily compare competitors’ costs, benefits and specs; and purchase online. Consequently, the marketing mix for construction services must balance traditional techniques with digital strategies and tactics, even when marketing to B2B customers. 

It’s important to meet them where they are in the buyer’s journey with content specific to their role. Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing and public relations should be in every B2B marketer’s toolkit.

Even when a construction company is in the B2B space, it needs to connect with people on an emotional level as well as a professional one. The people evaluating an RFP are going to experience a company’s messaging, see its logo and very likely visit its website. The brand must be polished, the brand story compelling and the web design modern and easy to navigate.

Elevation Marketing has a deep understanding of the construction industry and what it takes to stand out in the B2B space. When we put that knowledge to work for you – coupled with a proven process that encompasses thorough research, strategic thinking, effective messaging and inspired creative design – we can help you distinguish your offerings in the market and grow your B2B customer base. Our marketing agency offers: 

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