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Creative Design Wins Awards — and Your Prospects’ Attention

Award-winning creative design stands out not just for the visuals alone, but because it also directs attention to your messaging – improving your bottom-line in the process.

Created in combination with Elevation’s strategic expertise, our designs go well beyond lofty ideas. Designs are targeted to your audience and are based on your strengths, the market, timing and other factors critical for your marketing success. Our design pushes the boundaries of innovative B2B design. We take the best of B2C creative, and merge it with proven B2B best practices that better caters to the ever-more-discerning prospect who demands excellence in design. This result is marketing content that resonates with your audience from the first look

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How We Do It

The design services that we offer start by carefully studying your brand’s unique value proposition, and the prospect’s buyer journey. We are not afraid of integrating existing branding with fresh ideas, as long as it makes sense based on our years of expertise and our research into your specific market. We will tell you why a certain idea works, research and explain your brand’s current equity position and suggest how to leverage the strengths you already have with the tactics in our arsenal to create something effective for your specific brand, audience and marketing goals.

Even before our creative team begins, we put in the time to learn about you, your market, and your position. This information forms the basis of our design undertaking. Once we have clear and detailed research on your specific needs, we send it along with our strategic expertise to the design team in order to visualize the overall strategic goals.

Most clients come to us for one or all of the following creative design solutions:
  • Full design of sales sheets, catalogs, brochures, ads and mailers
  • Logo and package design, sales presentations, banners, signage
  • Interactive,  responsive design, digital advertising and business system design
  • Custom, high-impact digital content

The final scope is up to you. Whether it’s simply developing visually compelling concepts for you or creating the full, overall design that feeds and supports your entire marketing strategy to drive revenue growth.  To learn more about our specific design capabilities, please click on one of the links below:


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