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Trends Shaping B2B Healthcare Marketing in 2022

Digital marketing is responsible for reshaping the way companies sell products to customers and the channels they use to do so. Although this shift is …

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Advantages of Using Influencer Marketing in the B2B Healthcare Industry

B2B healthcare brands see real results when they use the voices of respected experts and brand advocates to speak to their target audiences.   This new …

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6 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Brands in 2021

The increasing connectedness across channels and devices due to the move of previously in-person interactions to virtual ones has resulted in a wealth of new …

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Why Personalization in B2B Healthcare Marketing Has Never Been More Important

The healthcare industry is well and truly under the spotlight at the moment. But, like a lot of other industries, it’s having to shake things …

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How B2B Healthcare Brands Can Nurture Their Leads With Email

Turning your B2B healthcare leads from cold into warm prospects can be difficult – in fact, it can feel like pulling teeth. But there’s an …

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5 Facebook Advertising Tips for B2B Healthcare Brands

Facebook has shot to the top as one of the best tools for marketing to consumers in every single industry, including healthcare. Research by DC …

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4 Key Inbound Marketing Strategies for B2B Healthcare Companies

B2B buyers have different expectations from companies today than they did five years ago, and it’s the same for businesses that need healthcare solutions. In …

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3 Ways to Use Video in Your B2B Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Video is a vital tool for healthcare buyers. The complex nature of products, equipment, and features of the healthcare world lend themselves perfectly to the …

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