Effectively Communicate Your Brand Story With Help From a B2B PR Agency

Public relations (PR) is about telling the stories that influence how people think and feel about your brand.

PR for B2B companies and influences all your other marketing efforts in measurable ways that positively impact your ROI, including your lead gen and social media endeavors.

B2B public relations is crucial to any truly integrated marketing strategy. It informs and overlaps with all your other marketing efforts and encompasses all corporate communications—internal and external. Your firm’s corporate B2B PR efforts are crucial for increasing brand awareness, managing your company’s reputation and positioning the organization and key people within it as thought leaders.

According to a survey from Corporate Ink, technology B2B marketers are using PR to fuel growth. Many of the B2B marketers Corporate Ink surveyed (72%) plan to increase PR investments. Furthermore, 72% of respondents say PR helps increase brand value and awareness and 60% claim PR plays an important role in educating the market on their unique solution or approach. Research by Edelman discovered that 89% of B2B decision-makers agree that thought leadership is effective in enhancing their perception of a company.

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B2B public relations involves crafting brand stories.

That elevate marketing and social media efforts

When it comes to PR for B2B firms—whether it’s for digital, print or an industry tradeshow—captivating storytelling is the name of the game for every business, from technology companies to healthcare organizations. But compelling stories about your company aren’t just made up and then placed anywhere. Instead, it takes in-depth research and knowledge about your industry and your business to craft a customized strategy that aligns with your business and marketing goals. Your business needs an experience B2B PR agency partner to help you shape your communications to create perception and boost your overall marketing strategy. To that end, successful public relations services for B2B companies need to incorporate the right PR tactics.

Thought leadership:

Achieving thought leadership status is one of the main goals of PR strategy. Your organization must position itself as experts in your field through a variety of efforts and approaches:

Social listening:

To stay on top of brand perception and awareness, the PR services your marketing agency provides must include social listening tactics, including tools for tracking social media mentions across posts, comments and shares. B2B public relations firms must actively participate in conversations and use what they discover to increase customer engagement, get ahead of issues and position your business in a positive light.

Events and tradeshows:

Whether online and virtual or offline and in person, events, conferences and tradeshows are an enormous aspect of B2B marketing and B2B public relations. The company you choose must understand every facet and be able to align your tradeshow and conference participation to your overall marketing and business goals.

Media relations:

It’s not enough to just pitch the media. Developing strong and positive relationships is crucial to continuous success. An effective public relations strategy involves building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with editors and reporters. As trusted resources, your corporate leaders and subject matter experts can add tremendous value to a reporter’s story by providing significant insight. In return, your brand gains valuable exposure.

Reputation and crisis management:

In today’s online world, reputation and crisis management are more important than ever. Your organization’s digital PR efforts must leverage social listening, media relationships, social posting, content strategy and other digital marketing tactics to build a positive perception of your brand and get ahead of potential problems before they can become crises. You also must foster collaboration across digital marketing and content marketing teams to promote favorable perception by the public, especially your target customers. Those endeavors include nipping negative mentions, reviews or comments in the bud by addressing them the right way.

Take your PR efforts to the next level with a B2B public relations agency that utilizes a holistic approach to PR strategy

Elevation Marketing’s PR team comprises highly strategic PR professionals who understand the B2B landscape and how to generate interest around your company.

We develop strategic messaging across all your corporate communications and craft a holistic PR strategy around the three pillars of effective B2B public relations:

Your B2B PR agency’s strategy must go beyond press release development and placement and extend to articles by your firm’s leaders and positive mentions in all facets of the media, including print, social posts, digital publications, broadcasts, streaming TV and other channels. Furthermore, your digital campaigns must also cross over into search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, especially link building, to ensure those efforts always bring your audience back to your owned media, such as your website.

Brand Awareness

Research, collaboration and storytelling are always created with your business, industry and customers in mind.


We help your business stay top of mind and keep the stories about your company positive. When problems arise, we help you get ahead of them with powerful tools and a proactive approach to crisis management.

Thought Leadership

We position your business and its leaders as industry authorities with earned media placements, link building and media relations designed to establish thought leadership and strengthen your current marketing and business efforts.

Elevation Marketing takes an innovative approach to B2B public relations

Elevation isn’t your typical PR and marketing agency. Unlike other B2B agencies, we approach each public relations project with the goal of building credibility, brand awareness, competitive positioning and overall industry authority through dedicated thought leadership outreach strategy.

We believe that the foundation of an effective PR strategy is research. We dig deep into the details of your brand, competitors and unique industry verticals. We find the most powerful and relevant platforms and publications that align your message with your audience’s viewing and reading habits. We help you establish integrity and credibility for long-term success using a variety of B2B public relations tactics.

As a leading B2B PR firm, Elevation Marketing can help you develop a compelling business story and share it via the strongest channels. Our team of highly skilled PR specialists, marketers, analysts, copywriters, strategists and creative designers collaborate with you every step of the way to execute a well-rounded PR and social strategy.

We develop and execute a holistic strategy that addresses every aspect of your business with PR services that help it stand apart from the competition.

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