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Developing a Website or a Mobile App is Half the Battle: Research Leads to Revenue

Some of our clients are surprised when their B2B customers expect the same quality as B2C customers, and demand a better buying experience from them. It takes a very particular expertise to pinpoint exactly what B2B customers consider a great buying experience.

Having developed web, mobile and full applications for hundreds of satisfied B2B businesses, we know what to look for. We take our time to get to know your business and customers intimately. Every website, app or sales tool we develop for our clients provides an intuitive experience because we did the legwork, and based the end product on actual customer feedback. Once we have a sound understanding of your customers’ needs in place, and have formulated a data-driven strategy for you, we use responsive coding and interactive experiences to present your brand to your target audience with an emphasis on what they care about.

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User needs are front and center in everything we develop.

With apps, for example, clear functionality and value should be apparent from first use. The tool cannot disrupt the user experience when he or she shifts channels to engage with your business and offerings. On the contrary, it should flow naturally and be complementary to what the user is currently doing on their device. It’s also important to be aware that any given user may be using multiple types of devices to access your content, so responsive app development across all platforms is a must-have.

Of course, consumption of your content will be most useful to you if the reader goes on to purchase something from you. That’s why we have services and digital tools designed with the same user-centric, data-driven approach to help your sales team convert buyers, and make the most out of every interaction. We custom build sophisticated (yet, intuitive) digital platform portals for every customer that allow teams to find and share information quickly, train, access knowledge bases on demand, and easily share findings and critical information with colleagues. In short, they can close leads faster and more efficiently.

Some of our development services that drive better user engagement and conversion include:
  • Website structure and navigation design
  • User experience studies
  • Custom ecommerce applications
  • SEO copywriting and content strategy
  • User experience and user interface design
  • QA and testing
  • App and website launch
  • Custom sales and marketing portals
  • Mobile sales enablement tools
  • Training programs and content repositories

These are just a few basic samples of our B2B digital development capabilities. Click on the links below to learn more about how we develop for engagement and conversion:


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