Spot-on B2B Media Buying Funnels Customers into Your Sales Pipeline

Engaging business decision-makers is a different animal than marketing broad-based consumer products.

There are diverse buying motivations, several stages to sales cycles, multiple verticals to cover and usually numerous stakeholders to satisfy. This complexity is what makes B2B media buying so challenging – and rewarding – when it’s done right.

At Elevation Marketing, our media team brings a proven process and vast experience in wholesale B2B media buying across all digital channels and traditional vehicles, driving costs down and impression volumes up to deliver qualified leads and the best possible marketing ROI. We believe a seamless, integrated experience across multiple channels and buyer journey touchpoints maximizes opportunities to reach B2B decision-makers with a consistent message in a hyper-competitive world.

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Channels we work with span the modern media continuum, including:


Cross-device Display
PMP & Preferred
In-app Mobile
Rich Media

Paid Search:

Google Ads
Microsoft Ads
Apple Search Ads


Companion Display


CRM & marketing automation integrations


DSP Activations (RTB)


High Impact

Paid Social:

Meta (Facebook/Instagram)
X (Twitter)


Organic Search & CRO
Owned, Earned & Shared Social
Partner/Reseller Enablement
Affiliate Enablement
Ratings, Reviews & Comparison


Direct Mail

Step into the fast lane of digital dominance with our unparalleled media buying services. Decode audience intent, maximize ROI and seize prime ad real estate in a heartbeat. We’ll work with you to find the right media mix to elevate your message, tell stories that sell and dominate the discourse.

Don't just cast your line — ensure the catch with a sharp hook and irresistible bait positioned where your targets swim most. Start with your free media buying consultation and proposal.

Navigate today’s uncharted media waters with unmatched precision

As a B2B media buying agency, we know how to match the message to the media, nurturing prospects along the journey from discovery (top of funnel) to interested potential buyer (middle of funnel) to loyal customer (bottom of funnel). From top to bottom and across the entire media spectrum, we buy ads that leverage data-driven storytelling to advance your business priorities, which are always our north star guide.

Tailor and optimize your media mix

With novel buyer insights derived from datasets that are complete and accurate, we implement an efficient media mix tailored to your business. Your brand comes to life in your target markets through direct advertising placements in traditional print and broadcast media fused with programmatic buying, real-time bidding, social media, mobile device optimization and paid search (pay-per-click) activities to heighten awareness and generate leads.

Smart B2B media buying for innovators

Media buying decisions – type, frequency, timing, cost – are guided by data for a single source of truth and measurable results. Our holistic and agile approach blankets your target audience with unified messaging while allowing for quick adaptations to changes in buyer behavior.

Media buying experience and expertise you can count on

While some media buying agencies will optimize your media mix via trial and error, our innovative team leans on a proven process that features established best practices combined with a data-centered approach and cutting-edge software, including AI (artificial intelligence) tools for enhanced targeting and efficiency.

We believe building institutional knowledge is vital for sustained excellence. At Elevation, we’ve got a dedicated media team with years of experience in B2B media buying in every format, at your service. We take the time to rigorously research your ideal buyers. We know what works and what doesn’t—and where to invest your precious advertising dollars to deliver predictable outcomes.

B2B Media Buying Services:

We’re your partner in media buying innovation and disruption

We never stop tweaking, optimizing and monitoring advertising campaign performance to achieve the best possible results. Through advanced analytics and reporting, you’ll see exactly how your B2B media is performing against established benchmarks, along with any changes that can maximize your ROI.

Let Elevation Marketing’s B2B media buying services get your key messages and narratives in front of the right people at the best times in their favorite places—and funnel more customers into your sales pipeline.

In a saturated digital environment, cutting through the noise is the ultimate challenge. We sculpt the perfect media mix, delivering standout brand messages and stories through the right channels, at the perfect moments.

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