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A Mix of Digital and Traditional Marketing Strategies Can Power Sales in the Turf and Green Industry

Most turf, landscape and agriculture managers operate under strict aesthetic and/or performance guidelines. Often, their first step in researching a new product may be to get the opinion of a fellow field manager. But they’re also open to supplier input as well. About two-thirds of turfgrass product buyers rely on information from vendor websites. That’s why today’s successful turf marketing strategy integrates both digital and traditional approaches to engage with these selective, performance-minded buyers.

Before You Start, Think About Timing

We’ve developed a thorough research process that aligns unique buyer personas to your product. But you should also consider seasonality in your marketing plans as well. Reading the calendar right for customers in warmer or cooler regions is one thing, but we prefer diving into the buyers’ specific habits and needs to gauge yearly purchase patterns as well. Then you can better target buyers with the right message at the right time throughout the year. Missing the window of opportunity to present your value proposition or re-engage with a client can be catastrophic for new product roll-outs and even stifle sales on existing offerings.

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Start the Conversation, and Keep It Going

Even the most experienced turf and greens managers use search engines for research, so integrating paid and organic search into an overall turf and ornamental marketing plan is critical. After they find you, it’s important to leverage your product data and proven benefits and deliver them with clean design that’s professional and in alignment with your buyer persona tastes to nurture the relationship. Whether it’s a new product getting its footing or an established one in need of a boost, white papers, case studies and testimonials can provide that added trust a turf or greens manager is looking for.

Get Out and Meet Them

One of the reasons we enjoy working with turf and ornamental suppliers so much is that by nature, this group must get its collective hands dirty. A field manager learns by doing and wants to see products and best application practices up close, when possible. That’s why field days, hands-on workshops and new product demonstrations are still a valuable part of any turf industry marketing plan.

We’ve worked with companies across the turf and green industry who manufacture and supply turf, ornamental and artificial grass, irrigation products and landscape equipment for sports fields, golf courses, agriculture, and more. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped these companies communicate their value to their unique buyers to increase sales velocity and brand awareness. We’re a veteran team whose results are the product of proven research processes that inform strategic thinking, effective messaging and inspired creative design. Our agency offers:

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