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Measurable results are the backbone of B2B marketing.

Yet, many marketing teams struggle to demonstrate marketing’s impact to the sales pipeline and revenue generation. Often, agencies spotlight softer metrics like lead rates and website traffic, hoping for executive buy-in. But stakeholders want to see the impact marketing initiatives have on sales and customer satisfaction.

Notably, many executives doubt their own data, focusing instead on the bottom line. And with nearly all buyer interactions led by marketing, the need for data-driven proof is evident. But there’s such an abundance of digital marketing data to collect, analyze and interpret that it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cut through the data clutter and make your metrics speak volumes, not gibberish

Data overload requires the expertise of a B2B reporting and digital analytics services agency that understands which data to capture, which metrics to build into analytics dashboards and which tools to use for interpretation. 

Elevation provides the specialized analytics and reporting services you require for success. We offer clear metrics that show campaigns are effective or we provide insights to improve them. This data substantiates marketing spend and makes it easier to secure more resources. Our experts design reporting frameworks and dashboards that clearly articulate program value to executive leadership.

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Effective reporting does more than look at past performance, it provides insights to shape future marketing strategies. Further, digital analytics reports aren’t reserved to measuring success after a campaign has ended. Reporting is an ongoing process that ensures continuous alignment with sales goals and fosters agility by enabling businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions. Predictive AI-based analytics can give businesses a peek as to what’s around the corner.

The bottom line is that granular, comprehensive and accurate reporting is critical to driving business growth and demonstrating ROI. The B2B reporting and marketing analytics services offered by Elevation help B2B marketers justify their spend to stakeholders.

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Transparent reporting delivers clear results

Elevation Marketing is a results-driven, full-service B2B marketing agency. When it comes to reporting, our findings are rooted in facts verified by data – data that is mutually shared and accessible. Our commitment to total transparency means our clients own their data. We’re merely analyzing it. Everything that we see, our clients can see. This ensures we’re all operating from a common point of understanding for more focused conversations around opportunities revealed by data.

We leverage state-of-the-art technologies, advanced analytics and our deep industry expertise to drive successful campaign and brand reporting, translating complex data into actionable insights. Technologies like Google Analytics, Salesforce Einstein and Pardot/MCAE, HubSpot and more offer thousands of reports with millions of data points. It can be overwhelming. Leave it to our team of data experts to know what should and shouldn’t be counted. It’s what we do, and we love doing it. We’ll make recommendations to optimize campaign performance and ROI based on those findings, backed by data that clearly communicates the value of your B2B marketing programs.

Reporting that makes dollars and sense

We speak the language of business. We understand the needs B2B marketers have for detailed reporting through top-level executive presentations. We strip out the jargon and fluff to create the concise, meaningful reports required to manage everyday budgets and make critical macro-level decisions.

Our seasoned professionals are adept at developing customized reports and informative marketing dashboards, and/or re-configuring B2B marketing analytics tools and platforms to provide the granular reporting and insights our clients need to better manage their programs. We adapt our services to align with each client’s unique needs and market dynamics. And we’re flexible in how we provide those services, too: we can set you up for success and transfer control of the reporting process to your internal staff, or we can manage the entire B2B marketing analytics and reporting workflow for you as a service.

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