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Advantageous insights from scientific research methodologies and data of the highest quality.

Validation and discovery power business growth.

In a time of data-driven decisions made by B2B buyers and sellers, uncertainty is an unnecessary business risk. Fortunately, you don’t need to settle for a lack of clarity or assumptions. By leveraging scientific methods in B2B research, we generate the data that empowers us to deliver answers to your most critical business questions.

Having data you can trust can be the difference between goals met and goals missed. Relevant information eliminates subjectivity, focuses your marketing efforts on the right audiences, provides direction on what to say, when and how to say it, and how to tailor messaging to the real-time needs of all your audience segments.



When customer data is incomplete, marketers are limited in the depth and breadth of insights we can extract from the data to inform campaign decisions. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your audience, you’re missing opportunities to differentiate and resonate with your buyers in meaningful ways that drive opportunities for your business.

Our digital-first, data-driven approach facilitates your measurable and sustainable outcomes on the strength of research methodologies and systems that are proven, applied by experts using cutting-edge data-collection and analysis technology.

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Reaching your potential means reaching hidden buyers.

We are seasoned B2B market research veterans who specialize in investigating and profiling B2B audiences around the globe comprised of people who are difficult to reach and influence. Our findings will position you to stand out from your competitors and meet your buyers where they are, allowing you to reach new business heights.

It all comes down to decisions

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Turn business pitfalls into windfalls

Innovative B2B market research services.

When your organization sees or seeks new business opportunities or faces threats from market shifts and competitors, your management and marketing functions require superior business intelligence. Our agency’s comprehensive research capabilities deliver actionable insights for times of promise and peril. We equip you with the knowledge to capitalize on openings and avoid costly mistakes.

Buyer ResearchMarketing Strategy ResearchProducts & Services ResearchSales Enablement Research
Customer experiencesData-driven research and data miningGo-to-market (GTM) strategy and planningNew business opportunities
Customer satisfactionComprehensive brand researchTesting of conceptsCompetitors and overall landscape
Buyer personas, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)Testing of strategic messagingMarket opportunities and challengesChannels
Purchasing criteria and prioritiesPartnershipsConjoint analysis quantitative researchSales attrition/churn
User personasThought leadership support and execution
Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD)

Elevation Marketing research powers strategy and planning, campaign tactics, business consultancy and thought leadership for B2B organizations that are committed to innovation as a defining practice. In the face of challenges ranging from disrupted supply chains and labor market shifts to impacts from rapid technological advances and evolving public perceptions, our work exploring the changing priorities of businesses and customers has facilitated many decisions based on a rich, broad and deep understanding of key B2B audiences.

Research methodology

A B2B market research agency with superior methods.

Better business outcomes through process and technology innovation.

Business intelligence that your marketing and sales programs can thrive on—it’s within your reach. Whether you want focus groups and in-depth consultations or qualitative interviews and sweeping surveys, our systematic approach to B2B market research will elevate your company’s ability to capture and leverage the data and insights that empower industry leaders to separate from the pack.

Comprehensive Research
and Consulting

If you want to know a market, company or buyer like you were the author of their stories, you want an agency with an established record in end-to-end B2B market research. We uncover insights that call for clear action and strategic guidance that drives business transformation. Our agency offers a full suite of B2B research and consulting services with a strong track record showing success.

Online and Offline Communities
of Knowledge

Our research process centers on connecting with the right people on the right topics at the right times. Curating online and offline communities comprised of leaders in similar roles across different disciplines and functions enables our researchers to ask probing questions, cull feedback and simplify complex business problems with potent solutions.

Qualitative Interviews
with Experts

When your goals call for deep expertise, we get to the bottom of things. Depending on the situation, we coordinate and operationalize 1-on-1 interviews or expert panels with seasoned industry veterans, trailblazers and rising stars in their fields. Your specifications determine the custom sourcing and arrangement for each expert engagement.

Quantitative Surveys

Capitalize on end-to-end global survey capabilities that can go as wide or as deep as your priorities dictate. Hear from purchasing decision-makers spanning the gamut of your target audience for a full and detailed picture of your challenge or opportunity. Whether your priorities call for a shotgun or laser approach, online or on location, our surveys capture and quantify what you need to know most.

Customized Quantitative-Qualitative Hybrids

Sometimes a combo hits hardest. Complex situations often call for different mixes of quantitative and qualitative methodologies applied to one audience or population. In these cases, we conduct 1-on-1 interviews that generate responses used to make a highly informed survey that can be easily scaled up based on initial findings, then tested again at scale. You get more bang for your buck by following up with individual respondents for further details that can enlighten and energize your business with new knowledge.

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Informed insights that advance business priorities.

Our comprehensive B2B research services include:

Elevation constructs a rock-solid strategic foundation and integrated marketing strategies grounded in data and insights that form the building blocks of business success.

Research is vital for both new and established companies.

Knowledge underpins success in exploring new markets, taking products to new audiences, testing messaging and understanding the most effective ways for approaching lesser-known audiences. For launching a new product, company or brand (or refreshing a brand), research is also invaluable in understanding customer needs, challenges and preferences, as well as the market and competitive landscape. The more aligned you are with your customers’ thinking and the more informed you are on business conditions, the more successful you’ll be.

An established B2B market research agency like ours can use research to validate whether your brand and offerings are still performing as expected, surface any discrepancies in perception and uncover early signs of negative market trends, competitive inroads or customer dissatisfaction. That validation work can also yield more knowledge of value. Even when company leaders understand their market, insights gleaned from good research can spark creative and innovative product, service and marketing ideas that may never have been explored otherwise—and that’s money left on the table if you skip the research or do it wrong.

Qualitative research forms that suit your needs.

Qualitative research includes activities such as interviews, audits and field observations.

When conducting interviews, it’s important to get a variety of perspectives from employees, customers, prospects and detractors. The latter are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. Ex-customers have already rocked the boat and they are usually open to telling you honestly why they’ve chosen not to do business with you anymore. Interviews with multiple audiences are a great source of information on what’s working and what isn’t.

Don’t guess your way through a competitive market. Audit your business.

Audits can focus on any number of areas, from the industry and market to public relations, messaging, marketing collateral and websites. They illuminate gaps between what you are projecting into the market and what you really want to be putting out there. Competitive research clarifies where you stand in relation to others offering similar products or services. Whatever your resources and business goals, we find the right research lines to shoot, score and win.

Examples of the kinds of audits we perform at both the organizational and marketing levels include:

We can customize these core audits to identify areas for improvement or design a new one built precisely to your company’s unique circumstances.

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