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Inbound leads are the nirvana of B2B digital marketing. It’s like having customers walk into your brick-and-mortar store or showroom ready to buy. It’s also validation that your lead generation methodology and messaging are working. But success is rarely that simple.

B2B inbound digital marketing is a highly coordinated series of targeted communications to a specific audience using a mix of channels. But in today’s uber-connected world, you need to earn your customer’s trust before you earn their business. In fact, with B2B inbound marketing, it usually takes 7 to 13 touchpoints before brand awareness and trust reaches a tipping point in the prospect’s mind to trigger an inquiry or action.

Attract, engage and nurture your ideal buyers

Those touches need to be carefully planned, targeted and crafted to resonate with your prospects. Building a buyer journey that maps seamlessly to your sales funnel is vital for filling your sales pipeline and keeping qualified leads flowing at high volume.

At Elevation Marketing, our inbound marketing process ensures potential customers are enticed along with a consistent message and compelling offers matching the appropriate level in your sales funnel. For example:

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Digital magnetism: transform with next-level B2B inbound

Most B2B buyers do their own online research, making significant progress through their purchasing decision process before engaging with a company. Effective B2B inbound marketing complements those efforts. It helps buyers help themselves by pointing them straight to the information they seek.

A sharp hook with irresistible bait beats a passive fishnet every time

B2B inbound marketing is more cost effective, more targeted and more flexible than outbound marketing. Forget leaning on preprinted direct mail, scripted telemarketers or expensive print and broadcast advertising on a fixed schedule, hoping buyers reach out—an approach that’s analogous to waiting for fish to swim into your net. Inbound B2B marketing is a sharp hook adorned with irresistible bait. It draws more qualified leads to you at a much lower cost.

When executed properly, B2B inbound marketing activities speak directly to decision makers, adjusting your messages on the fly, while also fine-tuning channel strategies and message scheduling to optimize results. Inbound positions your brand early as the go-to source for knowledge and later as the target audience’s clear choice when the time is right to buy. It increases organic traffic – the best kind of traffic, ideal buyers finding your site and choosing to visit – yielding improved conversion rates and increased sales.

Awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty

Elevation Marketing is a B2B inbound marketing services agency with years of experience of attracting, informing, converting and delighting buyers along their journeys. We are the B2B inbound marketing agency that brings the leads to you, initiating and perpetuating your cycle of prosperity.

We have the in-depth knowledge of social media trends and tactics, keyword and SEO strategies, paid and organic search marketing, content production, and marketing automation tools to boost website traffic and increase the flow volume and quality of inbound prospects to your sales teams.

Data-optimized storytelling and messaging

Beating your competitors requires knowing what stories to tell and how to tell them, whom to tell them to, as well as when and where your storytelling will be most effective. Our data-driven, research-based approach to B2B marketing empowers our inbound marketers to position your brand story and tailored messages in front of your target audience, at the best times, on their favorite channels.

Inbound marketing services that keep qualified B2B leads flowing

We employ a variety of techniques and tools to generate the highest quality leads, increase organic traffic and augment other elements of your lead generation strategy including:

Learn more about how Elevation Marketing ties B2B inbound marketing with other components of the lead generation machine:

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