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Get the Most out of Your B2B Lead Generation by Targeting the Right Audience with the Right Message

Tactics determine so much in B2B lead generation. For example, a microsite adds thousands of new contacts to your sales pipeline and giving away an ebook will get you thousands of email campaign leads. Smart blog, SEO, and content strategies boost website traffic and increase the flow of prospects for your sales team. The above scenarios are ideal, and for our clients, these wins are common. Would you like it to be your B2B lead gen success story?

In the digital age, it’s easy to copy a competitor’s successful tactic… only to find it falling completely flat for you — because every brand and audience is unique. In B2B lead generation, you usually need 7 to 13 touchpoints before the lead takes a direct business action, and further, these touchpoints cannot be random. To get the most impact out of those necessary touches, you must keep your company message and story top of mind in a way that’s relevant to your audience.

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The Metrics That Matter

After years of perfecting B2B lead gen through carefully crafted strategy and rigorous analytics, we measure the success of our lead generation strategy using three critical metrics:

  1. Volume
  2. Quality
  3. Velocity

On the surface, it seems pretty simple: you want to get the right number (volume) and type (quality) of leads at the right rate (velocity) to effectively engage with prospects and convert them to sales. It’s the triple crown every lead generation strategy should aim for. Yet, how many marketers miss on one, or all of these?

A Mix of Strategies and Tactics is Key for Lead Generation Success

To truly hit the mark on these three critical objectives, your B2B lead generation efforts should have a healthy mix of inbound, outbound or direct strategies (not random, but rather carefully researched and planned). At the same time, to find the right types and number of leads, you must entice them with a compelling offer (i.e.: an ebook, infographic, free trial, etc.) which these leads will deem worthy of their time, and personal information (e.g. email address). To be effective, your lead generation strategy will need to target customer personas, and carefully think through the buyer journey. The right strategy can only come from a research-based approach, instead of copying what you’ve heard might work for others. Leaving it up to chance is never an effective strategy.

To create an effective, research-based B2B lead gen strategy for you, we usually use a combination of the following tools:
  • Mobile and email marketing
  • Social media
  • Content asset production
  • Prospect segmentation

Take a look under the hood of our B2B lead generation services and strategies, by clicking on one of the links below:

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