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B2B SEO Services

When it comes to inbound digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) delivers the highest return on investment. The right B2B SEO digital marketing agency or consultant can help B2B companies like yours build brand awareness, generate leads and increase market share by engaging prospects who are actively looking for ­– and ready to buy – your company’s products and services.

The difference between B2C and B2B SEO Services

For B2B SEO to be most effective, it’s important to understand how business-to-business and business-to-consumer differ: in B2B, the sale value is higher – sometimes into the tens of millions­­. The sales cycle is often months – not minutes or days – and there are multiple influencers and decision makers involved. B2B SEO companies must take this into consideration. For example, an expert SEO digital marketing partner will look at several aspects of search marketing, including:

  • Content mapping – In B2B SEO and search marketing, website content must be mapped accordingly to make it easy for all the influencers and decision makers involved to find the information they’re looking for at each stage of the buyer’s journey, no matter how long and convoluted that process is for them.
  • Keywords – B2B companies target specific personas in niche markets, which makes developing or selecting the right keywords essential. Choosing keywords to suit the broadest possible demographic, as is often the case in B2C search marketing, won’t be effective. They may generate larger search volume, but they won’t be targeted enough to bring in savvy B2B buyers already familiar with their industry. To manage this complexity, we utilize tools other search marketing companies do not possess.
  • Backlinks – Obtaining backlinks (links from another site back to yours) from authoritative websites is incredibly important in B2B SEO, because it builds credibility with search engines and results in better rankings and higher visibility.

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A conversion-focused SEO strategy drives more leads—and more sales

Elevation’s B2B SEO agency experts get results – some even hold patents on B2B SEO technology. During a client consultation, we immerse ourselves in the company’s business strategy and goals. Then, through in-depth competitive keyword analysis, we identify strategic keywords that target specific influencers and decision makers in the most lucrative segments of your B2B market. Unlike other SEO agencies, we develop one-on-one relationships with industry publishers and social media influencers to acquire backlinks from their sites to yours, thus increasing your search rankings and visibility on the sites your customers like most. And our B2B blog and website search engine optimization services refine content to build brand authority and convert prospects into customers.

Case Study

Amazon Web Services (AWS), believing there was room for growth in its Training and Certification programs, wanted to drive more traffic to its website. They set a one-year target for 10% growth in organic (natural, non-paid) search volume and looked for an SEO company that could get the job done. Elevation met that goal and then some.

First Year SEO Results for AWS:

  • Drove 22.3% traffic increase in first year (Exceeded 10% goal.)
  • Increased top 10 keywords by 66.8%
  • Increased top 3 keywords by 71.0%
  • Increased ‘on-deck’ keywords (second page) by 54.0%

[Read the case study]

New to B2B SEO services? Our SEO agency will help you:

  • Identify the themes and specific keywords your customers are truly searching for online
  • Determine which are most relevant to your business and/or your SEO plan or campaign
  • Identify “quick win” keywords that enable you to generate leads and sales quickly while your B2B SEO strategies mature
  • Update your website for content optimization as appropriate
  • Develop and deploy a foundational link-building strategy to increase brand credibility so search engines rank you higher

Already optimized for SEO? Our SEO agency will help you:

  • Identify gaps in your keyword and optimization strategy
  • Deploy a strategy to capture low-risk, high-yield traffic, leads and sales
  • Develop more high-quality backlinks to your website from relevant and authoritative sites in your industry
  • Analyze your site for technical obstacles and fix them to improve visibility

For an SEO digital marketing agency, optimization is never a one-and-done effort

Our B2B SEO agency experts make it a point to stay abreast of algorithm changes, trends, tools and research so they can alert you to changes that may negatively affect your rankings. They make adjustments to your B2B SEO strategy, keywords and content to ensure your site remains optimized. For example, when Google recently changed its algorithms, it had an immediate negative impact on page rankings for many B2B product and service companies, sending those companies’ SEO agency partners on a hunt for solutions. Elevation developed solutions that enabled our clients to quickly re-establish and, in most cases, improve rankings. Here are a few examples:

  • The rise of “best” lists (a.k.a “top” lists) – Prior to recent updates, Google’s algorithm ranked sales pages for keywords that indicated strong buyer intent. But now, pages reviewing companies that offer the product or service in a ‘Top 10’ style list are dominating. This leaves fewer spaces available on the first page of Google for a company’s sales pages. To solve this problem, Elevation improves our clients’ visibility in search by taking a three-pronged approach:
  1. Optimize the sales pages
  2. Add blogs and information pages that also focus on the same keywords as on the sales pages
  3. Get listed on those “best” lists and third-party sites

The result is having three chances to appear on page one of Google instead of just one.

  • Keyword page alignment – In an effort to direct people to the most relevant sites based on the search terms they were entering, Google’s algorithm had previously encouraged SEO firms and agencies to be less aggressive with keyword optimization to achieve excellent results. But Google’s recent algorithm reversed gears and favored more intentional content optimization. Rankings fell overnight for many companies that had been doing all the right things for B2B SEO. Elevation quickly devised a strategy for clients’ website content to ensure strong rankings without making pages appear poorly written—always a turnoff to visitors—or stuffed with keywords in an awkward or nonsensical way.

Our B2B SEO Services

Keyword Research & Analytics

Identify the keywords that your prospects use to find products and solutions in your industry.

SEO Strategy

Build a roadmap for optimizing your website, including keyword mapping to target URLs.

Technical Website Audits

Identity obstacles that prevent your site from ranking high and recommend and deploy solutions.

Competitive Analysis

Determine how well your website performs vs. your competitors and plan for outperformance.

Create/Refine Content

Develop website, blog and landing page content that incorporates keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

Build Authority

Build relationships with publishers and influencers to increase backlinks that build credibility.

Fine-Tune Strategy/Campaigns

Conduct regular strategy, on-page/off-page optimization assessments and adjust to meet established goals.

SEO Consulting

Get expert advice with an SEO consulting services firm that can help you identify problems and deploy effective solutions.

Threat Remediation

Analyze your site for toxic backlinks and execute remediation.

Industries we specialize in:

Improve your search ranking with Elevation Marketing

As a leading B2B SEO agency, Elevation Marketing has helped B2B companies of all sizes exceed their SEO campaign goals. See what our consultants can do to improve your SMB, nonprofit or enterprise SEO efforts, whether you’re looking for local SEO or targeting a nationwide or international audience. We will take on your entire SEO strategy or work in collaboration with your corporate marketing team to develop and deploy strategies and tactics that get results.

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