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Successful fintech strategy aligns sales and marketing teams to target the right message to the right buyer at the ideal time

Highly competitive and complex but full of opportunity, the B2B fintech and financial services space is not for the faint of heart. Fintech buyers – from SMEs to large enterprises – often struggle to find the right solution and can require considerable education on their buying journey. And, with multiple decision makers usually involved, sales cycles can drag on, too. Marketing for fintech is challenging. Your fintech marketing agency should have the stamina to help you deliver prospects all the way through the sales process.

We’ve worked with a wide range of fintech and financial services companies, from startups to mature enterprises. We know that technical jargon and confusing language make connecting with buyers in the fintech space a difficult task – especially in the B2B fintech marketing and sales area. A research-backed marketing strategy that uses a wide range of marketing tactics to address the pain points of your audience can help you break through the noise and win more business. A research-backed marketing strategy that uses a wide range of marketing tactics to address the pain points of your audience can help you break through the noise and win more business.

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Target the Right Opportunities

If you’re a fintech or financial services company that’s overhauling or building a new marketing plan, our proprietary exploratory process is a necessity. It uncovers and analyzes competitors, industry trends, brand equity, value propositions and more. These insights converge to reveal your buyer in a way that allows you to build out the right content plan to meet that buyer where he or she shops or seeks information.

Inform First, Sell Later

Fintech can be a noisy, complicated space, and buyers crave content they can trust. Our clients have used B2B marketing content to help demystify fintech’s complexity for customers while building their presence as a thought leader. White papers, webinars, videos, podcasts and blogs are examples of content that can inform while building brand trust without the hard sell.

More fintech and financial services enterprises have discovered content is king. One survey found 66 percent of successful fintech companies produce content on a monthly basis, and 42 percent on a weekly basis. But content for content’s sake isn’t the endgame. Your fintech marketing agency partner must strategically flesh out the right content for your buyers instead of “trying” a few tactics that may only contribute to industry sales noise, miss targets entirely or, even worse, turn prospects away.

Marketing & Sales Alignment Creates Cohesive Messaging That Works

The Fintech sales and marketing department can’t work in a silo. A seamless buyer experience requires alignment between the sales and marketing teams, from common objectives to coordinated messaging that informs and moves prospects toward a purchase. As a digital marketing agency for fintech, we’ve found that in fintech, sales team input on downstream marketing initiatives is vital. It helps a marketing department develop aligned top-of-funnel branding and messaging that’s tonally consistent and sets sales members up for an efficient close.

At Elevation Marketing, our firm has more than 20 years of experience helping companies match their solution to the customers who need and want it most. From content marketing to social media, brand development to design, PR marketing to SEO and PPC we can provide traditional and digital marketing agency services for effective B2B marketing and execution.

We’re a veteran Fintech marketing company that uses proven research processes to develop strategic insights, effective messaging, inspired creative design and, most importantly, business wins for our clients.

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