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Powerful automotive marketing strategy emphasizes a supplier’s quality offerings and the ability to do business in a complex system

Automotive B2B is a complex web of players – dealers, manufacturers, materials, OEM and after-market parts suppliers and distributors – many with a global reach. This environment leans on technology for smooth transaction flow and communication. Catching a buyer’s attention involves not only having a quality product, but a sound marketing strategy. A powerful B2B automotive marketing strategy understands unique buyer needs but also positions a supplier as a tech savvy enterprise that can transact efficiently.

What does your buyer really need?

On the surface, it seems simple. You’ve developed your product or service around a specific automotive industry need. So, you probably know your buyer, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. We use a proprietary research processes to help our automotive clients better understand the behaviors and the things that motivate your buyer’s purchase decisions. Most B2B automotive companies are often surprised by how much they didn’t know and how much business potential they overlooked.

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Empower Your Customers

Whether you’re an early entrant or long-time supplier, once you’ve piqued a buyer’s interest with your value proposition, your website can be an engine to nurture the relationship.

Smooth transactions and self-service capabilities that allow the buyer to track inventory, place orders and automate order renewals demonstrate your understanding of the need for efficiency in these complex and involved B2B e-commerce platforms.

You can also integrate AI and machine learning into your website to personalize the experience while capturing data for retargeting and future communications on different channels.

Omnichannel Strategies.

Since more than two-thirds of buyers are looking for a supplier on Google, a digital automotive marketing strategy including SEO and PPC gets your website noticed. But there’s a lot more available to help you build your brand and keep you top of mind.

Building content, for example, that highlights product and system improvements as well as past successes can reside on many channels and touchpoints and PR, advertising and social media campaigns can also support lead acquisition. Ultimately, we know marketing and sales alignment behind common objectives is the foundation that brings together all these tactical pieces to build revenue momentum.

Our deep understanding for how to break through automotive industry complexity is one example of why Elevation Marketing is among the top B2B marketing agencies in the country. We engage proven research processes that drive our strategic thinking, effective messaging and inspired creative design. We can help you target your buyer and set up a plan for long-term engagement that fuels sales. Our agency offers:

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