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Effective B2B Retail Supply Chain Marketing Reaches Buyers at the Right Touchpoints With Messaging and Experiences on Their Terms

For decades, direct sales approaches and letting product or service quality speak for itself were mainstays of the retail B2B/B2C ecosystem. However, today’s younger millennial buyers seek winning offerings but also demand a different approach – namely less phone chit-chat, a stellar brand reputation, and frictionless online engagement.

This shift has forced many players on the back-end, or B2B side, of retail to change their marketing strategies. Today, successful B2B retail marketing meets buyers at the right place and time on their discovery journey and delivers an excellent customer experience that resonates with their purchasing style and needs.

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A Sketch of Your Customer

We’re routinely approached by frustrated wholesalers, retailer service and product suppliers, and others in the retail supply chain, who tried a variety of marketing tactics to acquire leads but didn’t see results. Unfortunately, too many agencies serve suppliers, distributors and wholesalers with flavor-of-the-day digital campaigns that throw dollars and resources at vague audience snapshots.

We encourage you to think of your buyer differently, not simply as a broad category of people who might need what you offer. Our data and research-driven processes exist to establish distinct buyer personas to help our clients serving the retail space target the right person with their marketing efforts. It’s what we believe to be the foundation of any sound strategy.

The Digital Experience

Today, product or service quality on the B2B side of retail is still just as relevant as it was in the past, but it’s more a component of brand image. Today’s buyers place a higher value on a quality customer experience, which usually starts with your website.

Our B2B retail clients often seek us out to research and test their sites to find areas of friction, transaction barriers and other factors that may compromise the customer experience. We also evaluate content and how it serves the user experience and leverage our buyer knowledge to help develop the right content for the website experience and for other downstream channels.

Targeted Lead Acquisition, Sales and Marketing Alignment

Since most of today’s retail-industry buyers start with a Google search, a digital lead generation strategy is a must. Our clients have benefitted from extremely targeted PPC and SEO efforts that meet their unique buyers in the places they wish to be found while supplying them with the specific answers they seek. We also believe these efforts must fully align with the sales team for a seamless messaging hand-off that extends the positive customer experience and sets up a close.

With more than two decades of experience, Elevation Marketing, has helped our B2B clients who serve retailers propel sales and nurture long-term relationships. Whether you’re an eager startup revolutionizing back-end processes, a long-time supplier or distributor, a product or service that improves the retailer-consumer connection or someone else, we’re committed to aligning the right buyers with your brand to get the results you want – more leads, more sales, more revenue. Elevation Marketing is an established, full-service B2B retail agency with proven research processes to support strategic thinking, effective messaging and innovative creative design. Our agency offers:

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