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With an ABM approach, it is relatively easier to attribute ROI to the marketing campaign goals and analytics, which means less wasted resources and lower risk. You’re already under enough pressure to generate more revenue with the same or less investment, so the higher conversion rates and better qualified leads account based marketing delivers are welcomed, and actually decrease the cost of customer acquisition going forward as new prospects just start showing up on their own volition. But the challenges are many, including:

  • Maintaining the focus of marketing messages when you scale to hundreds of accounts
  • Measuring a campaign’s effectiveness and proving its value
  • Aligning your sales and marketing teams to work solidly together at each stage of the funnel

Elevation Marketing will determine if our B2B ABM agency is the right fit for your company, and if so, start by analyzing your current account list and capabilities to identify the best prospects to target.

Our research leads the way

  • Our team dives deep into your B2B sales process to uncover the best way to enable your buyers to successfully complete their purchase
  • Next, we build out larger, more comprehensive programs to nurture those quality relationships and create more business wins

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Omnichannel, data-driven ABM ​

Our ABM agencies strategies are multi-dimensional, layering highly relevant, super-attractive narratives to demystify product features and technology, while also creating compelling reasons customers should take urgent action. We find the optimal channels that engage your target audience best at each stage of the funnel. Then, we deliver tactical assets on the channels your prospects love most. We continually assess data to understand what is resonating well with buyers, and optimize your programs with the best channel mix.

For B2B companies new to ABM:

  1. We begin with a deep understanding of your targeted audiences, their needs and where and how they obtain their information.
  2. We execute against our proven research methodology to survey your audience, audit competitors, engage with internal and external stakeholders and immerse ourselves in your industry ecosystem.
  3. The result enables us to create campaign messaging and tactics that disrupt and engage.

For established B2B already using ABM:

  1. We create opportunity from accounts that your sales team is not in touch with anymore.
  2. Implement demand generation to prospects who have already been contacts, but have gone cold.
  3. The result puts your company back into consideration, and nurtures current customers to increase their spend every year.

Our B2B ABM Firm has years of experience creating and implementing ABM strategies to accelerate revenue growth for our clients—both immediately and over the long term. As a full-service marketing agency, Elevation Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of ABM-related services that includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Selecting Targeted Accounts. We align your marketing and sales teams around a list of targeted accounts or profiles of existing or potential customers that are most likely to deliver revenue.
  2. Identifying Specific Contacts. Determining who are the gatekeepers, decision makers and buying clouds for the targeted accounts. Mapping the buying centers and plotting contacts to your ideal personas.
  3. Generating Actionable Insights. Discovering specific needs, preferences, geographical considerations and other data-driven insights that will guide the development of content and program strategy for your targeted accounts.
  4. Optimizing Messaging and Content. We create and/or adapt content and messaging to reflect the specific needs, goals, challenges and opportunities identified for your targeted contacts.
  5. Delivering Personalized Engagements. Creating assets, training internal teams, configuring platforms, benchmarking, testing and launching campaigns.
  6. Measuring and Fine-tuning Execution. Continually assessing data, meeting with cross-functional teams to validate insights and optimizing to maximize ROI.

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