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Drive Revenue Growth and Lifetime Client Relationships with a Dynamic B2B Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing has grown to become an invaluable tool in the business to business world. Twitter and Instagram are not just for celebrities. Facebook is not just for cat memes. LinkedIn is not just for job searches and recruiting new employees. B2B firms can and do use their social media accounts to capture highly targeted leads, dramatically improve customer service and build lifelong relationships with their clients.

In fact, B2B companies increasingly use social media

  • 84% of CEOs and VPs employ social media when they’re making purchasing decisions.
  • 76% of B2B tech companies use social media to drive results.
  • 96% of B2B buyers want more content from industry thought leaders before deciding on a purchase.

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Social Media Marketing in the B2B Space

At Elevation Marketing, our customized research-based approach creates a social media strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals and becomes a powerful tool for both initial and repeat brand engagement. The core focus of our effective B2B social media strategies is to ensure your message is heard by the right people via the right channel at the right time.

It’s crucial that your social media efforts drive your company’s business objectives in measurable ways that optimize your ROI. Social media is perfect for sharing your brand’s story, building a community of engaged followers and generating high quality leads.

Therefore, we design each social campaign to connect with your audience in meaningful ways that get them to trust your brand, engage with it and see it as a credible authority in your industry. We leverage creative, unique and informative content to

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Instill a preference for your brand in target buyers
  • Build online communities and foster relationships with current and potential customers
  • Foster trust and bolster brand reputation
  • Humanize your brand with customer stories and behind-the-scenes content
  • Amplify and increase employee advocacy
  • Foster subscriber and follower growth via demand generation and lead generation campaigns

With Elevation Marketing, you gain access to a team of social media professionals that includes digital marketers, content strategists, copywriters and account executives who employ a collaborative approach that’s specific to your business, industry and target audience.

Leveraging Your Social Media Channels
Leveraging your social media channels effectively with your target audience takes in-depth understanding of your business, your industry, your audience and the social media platforms that will help you achieve your goals. For this reason, we take the time to build an in-depth understanding of your company’s current social marketing strategy and the strategies of your competitors, including content focus, followers, engagement, employee advocacy, profile information and more.
    As a B2B social media agency, we take pride in our proficiency in the following top social media channels:
      • LinkedIn – With 740 million users all focused on business, LinkedIn is the ideal B2B social network for our clients’ organic and “promoted” content, including articles from thought leaders, as well as company news and customer stories.
        • Facebook – Once thought of as just a B2C focused network, and B2B social media marketers are taking note. We optimize Facebook with focus on company culture, such as company news, behind the scenes highlights and other culture content. It can also be a valuable platform for joining targeted groups with other professionals, thereby opening the opportunity for lead generation down the road.
          • Instagram – Instagram is the ideal social media account for cross posting content from clients’ Facebook accounts, amplifying branding efforts and building trust with their target audiences. The powerful visual social platform has many posting options, including posts, stories, reels and live video.
          • Twitter – Short form content that sparks ongoing conversations and articles from company thought leaders are the perfect focus for our clients’ B2B social marketing efforts on Twitter.
              YouTube – While not strictly a social media network, YouTube’s discussion and sharing features make the video search engine an effective channel for promoting video content, especially educational videos and video case studies.
              While less experienced marketers might advise following new and trending networks, we have found that is not what works for most B2B industries. Instead, we work to know which of the channels your target audience uses the most and whether your business should also include emerging social media sites such as TikTok. Knowing where to focus your social media efforts is only half the battle.

              Three Pillars of Effective Social Media Marketing

              Your organization needs a partner who can craft your B2B social strategy around the three pillars of social media marketing:


              Informative, relevant and engaging organic content is at the heart of our approach to the social media strategies we build social media and content strategies that amplify your brand.


              We help you create content that increases engagement and sparks conversations that build community through reactions, shares and comments.

              Paid and Sponsored

              Amplify your lead generation efforts and reach new and existing audiences on your social media accounts with strategic paid ad placements and sponsored or boosted posts.

              We then use those efforts to deliver results, identify and track the right KPIs and help you achieve your company’s overall marketing goals.

              Elevation Marketing helps you take your B2B social media marketing to the next level

              We provide services that transform your B2B social media marketing efforts into powerful buyer engagement tools, including:

              • Business profile development and optimization
              • Executive leader profile development and optimization
              • Social post content development
              • Hashtag research and strategy
              • Community management
              • Social media advertising
              • Ongoing strategy and recommendations
              • Localized targeting – anywhere globally and in the target market language
              • Customized social media playbooks , reports and scorecards


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              Request a B2B Social Media Proposal.

              Contact Elevation today. You’ll love the results.

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