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Manufacturing Marketing Must go Beyond Product Benefits to Win Sales

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Too many manufacturers feel stuck with the same old marketing technique of selling their product’s advantages and differentiators. That type of manufacturer marketing worked back when others were selling “features.” It stopped working once everybody started selling “product benefits.” Soon enough, a new tech-savvy generation of consumers started tuning out product benefits as pure marketing noise. Manufacturers that don’t appeal to today’s customer purchasing behaviors are positioning themselves to lose out to those who do.

For decades, B2B industrial and manufacturing marketing revolved around three simple elements: tradeshow lead generation, cold calling sales and networking/relationship selling. Those don’t work with younger, tech-savvy buyers. Their purchasing journey starts with internet research that builds immunity to the above-mentioned marketing tactics. Instead of sales-speak and networking clearly designed to sell them a product, these consumers want a transparent relationship based on a reason to authentically connect to your brand and everything for which it stands. A veteran marketing agency for manufacturers will understand and know how to capitalize on these facts by using digital marketing to target these prospects where they are looking for you.

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Show Me Why I Should Care About You

This mindset of “show me why I should care about you” runs contrary to the “all about product benefits” strategy of a traditional B2B marketing agency for manufacturing. Call it “human connection” marketing if you will. Without a compelling narrative about how your product impacts people, you are just another vendor talking about quality, benefits and great customer service.

Of course, you need a solid strategy to effectively communicate with this new type of buyer. It’s not just about picking a random “save the world” mission and stapling it to your product. Any effective strategy must be anchored by in-depth market research and an intimate understanding of your specific audience.

Elevation Marketing, as an industrial marketing company, our firm extensive experience helping B2B manufacturing, aviation and industrial companies connect with new audiences through our variety of industrial marketing services. We understand the different players who contribute to the decision-making process and how to market to them. We can teach your brand to speak their language, connecting to them in the way to which they are receptive. This includes knowing which pathways and strategies to pursue in order to break through the noise and reach tech-savvy buyers and established decision-makers.

Our approach to B2B marketing for manufacturers and industrial companies sets us apart from the rest. We begin the process with an in-depth study of your market, your company and your competitors, before a single initiative is even suggested. The key to industrial B2B marketing success: starting from a place of market knowledge and insight into what makes you stand out. This in-depth understanding of our clients, their markets and potential buyers has created some incredible business wins for our manufacturing, industrial and aviation clients. Specialized industrial and manufacturing marketing services are invaluable at driving early success in B2B marketing and advertising campaigns. In paid advertising for example, an industrial ad agency saves money upfront by avoiding costly ineffective ad spend that is common early in campaign development. The industrial advertising agencies and firms that avoid this waste drive more leads upfront.

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