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In an Industry as Traditional as Oil & Gas, New Contenders with a Solid Marketing Strategy Can Win Big

Astonishingly, only 7 percent of revenue is spent on oil and gas marketing by companies hoping to differentiate their products and services in such a crowded and brand-heavy industry. Unfortunately, oil and gas marketing is often perceived as little more than an expense line item at the C-Suite level in an industry dominated by engineers. Unsurprisingly, lack of attention to marketing reflects on the companies’ ability to stand out from the crowd. This is dangerous to the bottom line, because without strong messaging to set you apart, oil and gas refining products become mere commodities with all of the corresponding downward pressure on prices and margins.

To make matters worse, the industry is also a prime example of slow adoption of technology, including marketing and marketing automation. Traditional oil and gas refining marketing strategy that relies largely on relationship selling techniques is gradually combining forces with digital marketing techniques. Alas, the pace of change is a slow one.

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Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Techniques Set Companies Apart

Naturally, this is great news for more innovation-friendly oil companies who are embracing content marketing and inbound-based marketing techniques, which do not hold back on deploying the full toolbox of modern digital marketing (SEO, PPC, PR, UX-friendly oil and gas web design, etc.) to excel at lead generation and capture market share from their slower competitors.

Small and midsize players in the space can take advantage of this gap between what bigger, older companies are doing and what marketing strategies, tactics and tools are available to them in order to grab market and revenue share from their slower-to-adapt competitors. For example, they can position niche products and services in the space with the right messaging and through the best marketing channels in order to gain market share.

Establishing a Commanding Digital Presence Pays Off

Overall, there is a golden opportunity for those oil and gas companies who invest in modern marketing and website design early. The rest of the market will eventually get there and adopt these practices. So, it pays to be there first and not just establish a commanding digital presence, but also use digital marketing tools to their full potential with immediate impact on the bottom line.

Let’s face it: having a strong online presence is now one of the most important elements of doing business in the oil and gas space. Online is where brands in the industry are competing most actively for customer loyalty. Online is where messaging can be precisely targeted and delivered to the right B2B and B2C audiences in order to address their specific concerns and needs at every stage of the customer journey, from web design specific to oil and gas companies to various forms of advertising, such as PPC, SEO, social media, PR and so on.

Oil and gas website design and digital marketing is where oil and gas companies should focus their attention with well-researched content and flawless execution. As an experienced oil and gas marketing agency, we at Elevation Marketing understand that companies in this sector have to adapt to modern marketing techniques or risk losing market share. We leverage extensive research and our wealth of knowledge in the industry to create a successful marketing plan. Our marketing agency offers:

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