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7 steps successful pipeline

7 Steps to Creating a Successful Pipeline Generation Strategy

In the B2B world, generating a steady stream of high-quality leads is crucial to driving revenue growth. However, many businesses struggle with creating an effective …

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Nine Steps to Create a Well-Defined B2B Buyer Persona

What is a B2B buyer persona? There are many terms for buyer persona, including customer or audience persona or avatar. Regardless of what you call …

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The Importance Empathy Plays in Your B2B Customers’ Emotional Journey

The concept of using empathy to nurture the customer’s emotional journey was introduced in 1994 by Lou Carbone who wrote, “Engineering Customer Experience.” Then in …

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Top Tips for Creating an Effective Lead Magnet for B2B Brands

The B2B sales cycle is notoriously long, but it’s highly dependent on price and industry. Sure, a product that costs $100 will move out the …

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5 Ways AI is Reshaping B2B Lead Generation

Fully two years ago, Salesforce cited AI as a key B2B marketing trend, with the adoption of AI-powered marketing tools by B2B businesses growing by …

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How to Use Paid Digital Media to Give Your Content a Boost

People tend to think of paid digital media and content marketing as two separate categories, with the latter promoted or amplified using social channels, email …

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The Importance of Lead Quality for B2B Marketers

Obtaining high-quality leads is a perpetual challenge for B2B marketers. In a recent survey of B2B influencers by LeadCrunch, more than 60 percent of respondents …

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The Power of Lead Nurturing In B2B Sales

Lead nurturing isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been around for some time now. Call it what you want: permission marketing, drip marketing, engagement …

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How to Use Google Ads for B2B Lead Generation – Ultimate Guide

Updated: November 7, 2022 Introduction – Targeting customers when your customers are other businesses Like most of us, B2B customers prefer researching products and services …

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