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Successful B2B SaaS Marketing is a Balance Between Understanding Audience Pain Points and Working With Cost Realities to Acquire New Clients

A long-held truth in marketing has been that B2B sales cycles are longer than B2C. But in the world of Software as a Service (SaaS), that’s not always the case. They can vary depending on the pricing associated with the offering. That’s why a SaaS marketing strategy needs to weigh a few factors in order to be effective and increase sales.

An experienced SaaS marketing agency helps a SaaS provider understand what it costs to get new clients. If a SaaS solution is expensive, for example, a company could see six-month to three-year sales cycles. These high-dollar transactions require different marketing approaches compared to smaller, lower-priced solutions with shorter sales funnels and buyers who may decide after a few days or even hours of internet research

Understanding these dynamics informs SaaS lead generation strategies and goes a long way in driving strategy with B2B customers. At the same time, marketing content must be relevant and speak to the personal needs of the buyer.

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Marketing For SaaS Means Knowing Which Customers To Prioritize

About 86% of SaaS companies say new customer acquisition is their highest priority. But too often SaaS marketing agencies fail these enterprises by overlooking the high cost of acquiring new clients. The median cost for a SaaS company to acquire $1 of new customer revenue is $1.18. At the same time, Gartner research found that 80% of SaaS companies’ future revenue comes from only 20% of its customers. Companies should consider these other three critical points:

  • It costs about four times less to upsell than to acquire a new customer, only 28 cents gets an additional dollar of revenue.
  • Retaining clients costs nine times less than a new customer, about 13 cents.
  • Increase customer retention by just 5% and potentially increase profitability by 75%, researchers at Bain & Co say.

Connect Using Personalized Content

UX is important to the B2B SaaS audience and B2B marketing agencies should help SaaS companies build relationships with clients by illuminating how their solution solves the customer’s unique problems. At the top of the sales funnel, a SaaS marketing agency should create clear content that is product agnostic, free of technical jargon and engages the audience by telling the brand’s story in a manner that speaks to the customer’s pain points.

An experienced SaaS digital marketing agency isn’t afraid to take a page from B2C content delivery either. Consider this: today, 85% of the largest SaaS companies have a blog; 18% of the top SaaS companies have podcasts and 36% of SaaS enterprises use blogs for educational content sharing. While using these avenues to nurture upselling and retention, many also turn to a savvy SaaS SEO agency to generate organic search results, which drive about 77% of traffic and new visitors to a site.

Engaging with a B2B SaaS audience requires a deep understanding of the customer’s unique challenges as well as the resources it takes to get a company message in front of new buyers.

Elevation Marketing’s team of experts understands how a SaaS brand can stand out in B2B environments. We employ proven processes with thorough research, strategic thinking, effective messaging and inspired creative design. We can help you distinguish your offering in your market with a sound marketing plan and strategy that highlights your brand’s value and targets the specific buyers seeking your service. Our agency offers:

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