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Building a Winning Media Strategy Starts with Asking the Right Questions

A mix of TV, print and outdoor advertising may have worked for decades, however, the media landscape has completely transformed over the past dozen years. Too often, B2B marketers are either not aware of all the new channels, or they don’t have a clear strategy that maximizes each channel based on brand and audience characteristics. A scattershot affair of social posts, press releases and an occasional blog post are not enough to stay relevant and competitive.

At Elevation Marketing, we skip the guessing game in favor of doing thorough research based on years of identifying the right channels and tactics for specific brands and their unique audiences. Before we even talk about a media campaign, we conduct media market research via a multi-step, comprehensive process, which took us years to perfect. The in-depth information gathered from this research allows us to develop the best media strategy for you, based on your sales goals, and on where your brand currently stands and wants to stand vis-a-vis your competition.

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There are four core parts to our multi-step media research process:

    1. Industry and vertical research which often requires the analysis of thousands of relevant, published content pieces
    2. Coverage research as it relates to your brand message and messaging goals
    3. Analysis of competitor messaging (and competitor-related coverage)
    4. Vertical analysis and opportunity identification for your B2B business (so you can spot new opportunities that may reveal a whole new purpose for your media presence)

Our research looks at where you are positioned in the market. Your media presence can have a powerful impact on how your brand is perceived by other companies, prospects, and others whom you want to view you as a trusted, strong brand. We study the most relevant media environments and how you perform in them. Media programs designed by data, provide a better trajectory towards sustainable ROI over the short and long-term.  

When the research and analysis is completed, we carefully screen and select the most effective publications and platforms to boost positive brand awareness for you, while also promoting you as a thought leader in your field. This allows us to use your growing positive media position to establish even more editorial relationships, nurture better public relations and give virality to your social media presence. As a result, we further increase positive awareness of your brand across the most relevant media channels targeting your audience.

Our years of media buying expertise informs our plan and budget for your advertising purchases. Our media buying process always begins with setting clear, measurable goals and analyzing results to see what can be optimized. As we fine-tune the most effective media strategy for you, we will:
  • Monitor your media placement performance while always on the lookout for better opportunities
  • Analyze business news mentions and press release activity to play up positive coverage, while neutralizing any negative ones
  • Guide and oversee budgets to get the most ROI out of every penny
  • Create targeted, carefully-crafted ads and social content and adjust them based on performance

To learn more about implementing a B2B media strategy that strengthens your brand message and helps you achieve your sales goals, click on one of the links below:

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