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Embracing Strategic, Research-Driven Marketing Initiatives Powers Sales Success in Trucking and Logistics

It’s no secret that trucking and logistics companies prioritize lead generation when it comes to their marketing efforts. However, for any business in this industry to succeed, the leads need to be highly qualified and target the right areas of the supply chain that a trucking company serves. Lead generation efforts must then integrate with a system that nurtures long-term relationships. In an industry with limited face time, marketers must fully understand their target market to personalize buyer journeys and build sales momentum.

Attract Quality Leads

Casting a wide lead acquisition net doesn’t always result in a high return on investment for trucking and logistics companies. Instead, Elevation believes in taking a more targeted approach. We start with our proprietary research process, which gives us data-driven insights that allow us to help trucking companies create a strategic marketing plan that aligns with the unique personas of their target audience. We then leverage our data and research to develop the content your prospect seeks throughout the buying process to initiate communication, position your brand as the thought leader, and ultimately push prospects further down the sales funnel.

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The Customer Experience

With a stronger drive to retain customers, we turn to data-backed creative for a professional website experience with carefully placed content and calls to action that activate sales conversations. Maintaining brand consistency across all content channels is critical as well. Once we understand your buyer’s pain points, we can customize messaging to position you as a solution to those challenges throughout their website experience and other touch points on their journey.

ABM Pulls It All Together

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a relatively new frontier in the trucking and logistics world, but more forward-thinking fleet companies know it’s the wave of the future. In targeting key accounts with ABM, we also align sales and marketing around core objectives and priorities to drive efficiency and get more out of every marketing dollar.

ABM allows you to fully orchestrate activity, whether digital or traditional, that meets targeted buyers on their preferred channels. Then, a seamless content process evolves, from educating them on your value proposition to continuous re-engagement that doesn’t just end in a sale, but nurtures relationships and brings repeat revenue.

Elevation Marketing has helped B2B transportation enterprises achieve success for more than 20 years. After working with us, our trucking and logistics clients become better aligned externally with their buyers and internally with cohesive sales and marketing teams that work alongside one another to further company success. We bring to the table proven research processes that develop strategic insights, effective messaging and inspired creative designed to drive revenue growth. Our agency offers:

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