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Research-Backed Use of the Right Marketing Channels Gets Results

In B2B marketing, using multiple channels that align with your strategy is the best way to both nurture buyer relationships and achieve measurable ROI. We take a close look at your sales platforms (distributors, resellers, brokers) and develop content that’s most relevant to decision-makers who need your products or services, making clear to them why they need to buy and why from you. A key part of our channel marketing is to meet buyers at exactly the right touch points along their sales journeys — pinpointing the very narrow opportunity before too early and too late.

Our data-driven approach uses our years of expertise in account intelligence to determine your buyer’s needs, how that buyer consumes information and the processes which he or she must engage in to purchase from you. With a deep understanding of decision-making, we can effectively map out your buyer’s sales cycles. We then determine the proper channels and tailor content to align your sales tactics with your customer’s needs, buying habits and information gathering processes. An important component of this approach to channel marketing is to personalize your brand message to the buyer’s/decision-maker’s pain points so not only the messaging but also the timing is right on point.

As decision-makers show preferences for certain buying platforms, we continue to analyze their behaviors and adjust messaging to keep you top-of-mind for the long haul throughout different platforms and points along the sales cycle.

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Our channel marketing services rely on these (and other) components perfected over the years:
  • Market analysis
  • Sales process mapping
  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Channel selection, opportunity and risk analysis
  • CRM implementation
  • Pipeline analytics
  • Inbound and outbound support

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