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For Professional and Business Services, Establishing Thought Leadership and Inspiring Confidence Hold the Keys to Long-Term Success

Marketing spend averages  15 percent of revenue for B2B professional services firms, nearly double the average of other industries. That level of investment is imperative in establishing subject matter expertise and producing well-researched, compelling and professionally delivered marketing content. After all, a professional services firm’s success rests on knowing customers well enough to accelerate their business growth.

Competition is fierce, and establishing clear thought leadership is essential. To succeed, a professional and business services firm must define a niche that differentiates it, then develop a brand and brand story that illustrates their unique expertise in a compelling way.

Expertise Builds Trust in a Highly Competitive Market Environment

Research comes first—of the market, customers and competitors. Understanding target customers’ needs, pain points and desired outcomes is the foundation of an effective B2B marketing approach. When a customer believes they are deeply understood, they are more likely to engage. Content that demonstrates knowledge of a customer’s business and positions a professional services firm as an expert they can trust is content that works—but only when it’s deployed in a way that customers are most likely to read/view and act upon it.

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Create A Multi-Channel Approach Centered on Proven Marketing Techniques

In the B2B space, large accounts for business and professional services are common. Account-based Marketing (ABM) can be effective when deployed during the buyer’s journey and, importantly, after the contract is signed. Establishing expertise is a priority, but the likability factor plays a role in attracting customers and ensuring they return each time they need the services you offer. Strategic use of social media helps create and sustain relationships. The combination of expertise and likability should also be showcased when executing inbound marketing strategies to generate leads and developing an SEO strategy to sustain long-term growth.

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