Nov 15, 2017

Upgrade your Client Experience Strategy with a Rebrand

Improve Customer Experience with a RebrandIt’s official — we have changed our name. Canyon Communications is dead; long live Elevation Marketing.

It’s just that easy. Except that it isn’t.

Over the past 18 months as we’ve really dug into what and who we are as an agency, we began to reflect less and less on our name and spent more time talking about our brand strategy. So we started asking ourselves questions — and boy, were there a lot of questions:

  • Are we a fully-integrated B2B marketing services firm?
  • Is technology truly the backbone of our shop?
  • How can we reassure our clients they can still expect the same results we’ve always delivered, while still evolving in a meaningful way?
  • Can we be conservative and cutting-edge at the same time?
  • And can we develop a brand that’s as exciting for our prospective clients as it is for our staff?

Brand Strategy

Let’s not forget, rebranding is a tough (with a capital T) enterprise; looking inward and asking big, scary questions is an intimidating exercise. Sure, with 15 years in the space we’re experts at telling people how they should brand, but are we brave enough to take our own advice?

So we set upon our brand strategy journey, and in some upcoming posts, we’re going to focus on several aspects of the trip, including:

  • Developing a brand that goes beyond just a mark, but becomes something meaningful to all of our stakeholders
  • Starting from scratch creatively, with a blank piece of paper and an idea
  • Finding the right COS platform, and the hijinks of building a content strategy to support it

Remarkable Client Experience

We’ve had some hiccups — that’s natural. We’ve had some success — the level of social integration our new site offers is fun. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ platforms to keep up on the latest and greatest from our shop.

And the journey isn’t over — proper brand management dictates that a brand must be owned by internal stakeholders, it must be lived in each and every day like a comfortable pair of slippers, and it has to be worn proudly in each and every interaction.

At Elevation, our brand position is simple — we deliver a remarkable client experience that results in more business wins.

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re working every day to live our brand, helping to define a remarkable client experience personal to each of our clients.

And we’ve celebrated with branded cronuts, (because yum), but the celebration is short-lived because the hard work has just started, and there’s no end in sight. In fact, it’s been an exhausting sprint to the starting line, filled with lots of long days and even longer nights.

But that’s okay — we like it that way.

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