Nov 14, 2017

St. Joseph the Worker Reemployment Assistance

Reemployment AssistanceFor the past year, Elevation Marketing has been proud to support St. Joseph the Worker in their many endeavors to transform lives through employment. Their Mobile Success Unit has been doing amazing work and we’re excited to share some of their accomplishments!

Reemployment Assistance

In the 2013-2014 year, SJW provided 2,457 people with reemployment assistance, offering thousands of services ranging from job-readiness resources to encouragement and support.

One of the ways SJW is able to get things rolling for so many is from their Mobile Success Unit. This is Arizona’s first mobile job development office and it travels around the valley visiting shelters and halfway houses.

The mobile unit is perfect for those who may not have transportation and is equipped with everything needed for the job search.

“Everything from start to finish, to get a job and keep it, is what the resources you will find on the mobile unit,” Candace Sherwood with SJW said during a 3TV interview.

Mobile Success Unit

The Mobile Success Unit contains a closet full of hygiene products and men’s and women’s clothing for job interviews. The transformed kitchen serves as a computer lab, complete with a printer and Wi-Fi.

SJW offers resume assistance, mock interviews and communication tips on how to explain a criminal history or large gap in employment to employers. They even serve as a place to receive mail and phone messages.

“We support them by writing a well-written resume, one that gets read and received well by the tracking systems. We help them with job leads. What is your background? What is your experience?” Sherwood said.

The reemployment assistance does not stop once you land a job – SJW offers continued support with reduced monthly bus passes to ensure transportation back and forth, financial assistance to pay for work uniforms, and help securing the proper certifications or licenses.

The 36-foot RV travels from Monday to Thursday; you can find the schedule on the SJW website here.

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