Nov 14, 2017

Social Media Accelerates Startup’s Brand Awareness

CAREERS-2Social Media for Lead GenerationB2B Client Success Story: Pairin Social Media

Social media for start-ups can produce awareness and engagement quickly and cost-effectively. Pairin, Inc., a B2B company, was a pre-revenue start-up concept when it came to Elevation Marketing for help. It was looking to position its brand within the fast-growing talent science and pre-employment selection segment of the human resources recruitment market. Pairin offers a portfolio of easily-integrated and affordable SaaS (Software as a Solution) applications to “flip” the hiring process — meaning it emphasized behavioral traits and individual character design first, followed by experience and other considerations.

Brand AwarenessThe Challenge

Elevation and Pairin were met with obstacles when evaluating the industry and placement for the provider:

  • Pairin was entering an emerging market category which was already crowded with competitive offerings.
  • The company wanted to integrate social media into its marketing mix to support ROI while evolving from presence to engagement, but first needed to validate the business value of social campaigns.
  • A comprehensive Social Audit confirmed Pairin’s audience, competitors and market influencers were all active social users, and that using social media would provide immediate, cost-effective opportunities to build brand awareness and become channels where Pairin could actively participate in and contribute to industry conversations.

The Strategy

To achieve cost-effective brand awareness and focus on audience development metrics, Elevation developed strategies that included:

  • Social profiles adapted to effectively communicate the company position and facilitate engagement by delivering consistent brand messages (verbal and visual), encouraging engagement and organic growth, providing appropriate calls-to-action and repurposing content.
  • Effectively managed deployment of Pairin’s social media profiles to deliver improved customer intelligence with proactive listening while strategically growing its social audience.
  • Social media enabling Elevation and Pairin’s other partners to develop and test brand messages and then integrate them across all marketing communications.


Pairin’s social media efforts quickly produced a great deal of engagement and made the company a force to consider within this evolving niche industry segment. The impressive audience development results included over 400% growth of on three different social media platforms.

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