Nov 14, 2017

Marketing To Habits, Not Product Or Service

Are you marketing a product or service based on its features, or by how it fits into your target buyers’ daily routine? While both are important, data says you’ll have better luck with audience acquisition if you focus on catering to the specific habits and routines of your potential customers.

You’ll first need to research the daily habits of your potential buyers, to determine how your products can specifically benefit your target market. Once you’ve determined what your customers are doing regularly, you can then show them how your product fits into their routine(s).

When a customer can picture themselves using your product or service, they are more likely to buy your product versus the competitors products. Just seeing a list of benefits, which may or may not relate to someone personally, isn’t as likely to result in strong audience acquisition.

The Science Behind Habits

A study performed by Duke University states that, “habits, rather than conscious decision-

Audience Acquisition

making, shape 45 percent of the choices we make every day…” While some purchasing decisions do require a lot of thought and research, much of what consumers end up spending money on is merely a result of habit.

For example, deciding which brand of household items to buy, such as toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, and all-purpose cleaners, often doesn’t involve very in-depth thinking. Instead, consumers typically purchase these and similar items around the same time each month, at the same store, in the same brand as they have been doing since…they can remember.

And habits, versus well thought out decisions, are harder to influence. If you can figure out how to get your target market to think of your products as part of their regular routines and habits, your audience acquisition levels are likely to increase significantly.

Why? Because they aren’t even thinking about what they’re buying, or why they’re buying it. Your product or service has simply become necessary in their everyday life.

Increasing Audience Acquisition

There are many ways to effectively sway consumers towards your products and services over the competition. Changing customers’ habits, however, can prove to be much more difficult.

Offering a discount on products buyers use regularly is a great way to attract new customers. However, if you can first get customers to interact with your brand on a more personal level through social media, your website, email communication and more, you stand a much better chance against your competitors.

By engaging on a personal level with buyers, you can effectively increase audience conversion among existing and potential customers.

The Best Times to Reach New Customers

Studies show that when people are going through a major life event, they are most likely to change their routines or pick up new ones, whether it be intentional or not. When someone is about to get married, get divorced, have a baby, buy a house, go to college, etc., their regular routines and habits often get thrown out the window – at least temporarily. These temporary moments of chaos are when marketers have the biggest chance of successfully acquiring new customers.

Creating a service or product that fits into your target buyer’s daily routine, or better yet – a routine they haven’t developed yet – will always prove more profitable than marketing product features the competition can easily replicate.

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