Nov 14, 2017

Horizon Hub: B2B Branding Consistent

When it comes to the key marketing factors that keep your B2B business moving forward, branding consistency may be the most crucial. From helping differentiate you from competitors to increasing customer recognition to reinforcing your identity, branding permeates your overall marketing strategy from nearly every facet.

To bring better consistency to its overall brand messaging, Horizon Distributors, a golf course and landscape product seller, called upon Elevation to help engineer an online brand portal to deploy marketing and sales tools across all its locations uniformly.

Branding Consistency

The Challenge: Branding Consistency


As a nationwide, multi-site organization, Horizon operated from a distinctly entrepreneurial standpoint. Because of the company’s widespread nature, Elevation sought to develop a means of more effectively controlling its brand integrity, consistency and value proposition across all locations.

The Marketing Strategy:


To enhance branding consistency, Elevation developed an all-encompassing web portal for sales reps, branch managers, product category managers and other employees. Through the website, users could access Horizon templates and logos to create brand-adherent marketing collateral pieces, including direct mail, business forms and trade show materials.

Aptly dubbed the “Horizon Hub”, the portal offered Horizon employees a distinct advantage from two main standpoints. The first: the site came packaged with an easy-to-use, highly intuitive interface for quick navigation. Secondly, the hob allowed store managers to access their order signage, branded apparel, fleet graphics, custom end-caps and other materials fast and efficiently.

The Business Wins

With constant access to marketing support programs, Horizon’s staff has gained an added sense of flexibility, control and consistency when developing new marketing collaterals.

Following the project’s success, Horizon has begun to see the tool seep into even further brand-building initiatives:

  • Continued expansion into addition resources, including sales presentations, customer referral materials and new product sheets
  • Enhanced channel support, including co-branded materials (door hangers, flyers) to market to prospective accounts.

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