Feb 19, 2020

Employee Spotlight Series: Meet Marketing Specialist, Tori Randall!

Q&A with Marketing Specialist, Tori Randall

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Tori

During the week I typically wake up around 6:45am, get ready, and head to the office. Once I get there, I rush into the kitchen to get my green tea caffeine fix. From there, I check my email and start digging into my daily tasks. Once I’m off work, I attempt to hit the gym, but on days where I’m feeling lazy, I’ll head straight home, tidy up the house, cook dinner, and watch Netflix with my significant other. 

On the weekends I enjoy going to concerts, hanging with friends, eating out at new restaurants, and lounging by the pool when it’s not 115 degrees outside.

What do you do in your role at Elevation?

I’m a marketing specialist on our internal marketing team. My main goal is to help generate inbound leads for our sales team to follow up with. Some of my daily tasks include managing our blog, making sure our website is running smoothly, brainstorming new content ideas, creating our monthly e-newsletter, managing the creation of case studies, updating our social platforms, and working on search engine optimization (SEO) efforts so prospective clients can easily find us online.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Elevation?

I love being surrounded by creative individuals who are all masters at their craft. I can easily say that I learn something new from my colleagues every day. Also, the kitchen full of snacks isn’t too shabby either. 

What project are you working on right now that you’re most excited about?

Right now, the project I’m most excited about is our agency reel. This is going to be a short video that visually showcases our work and culture at Elevation. I can’t wait for prospective clients to see this video and be able to grasp what our agency is all about in under 2 minutes. 

Any skills that you would like to master that you think may help you become better in your role?

I’ve always wanted to learn more about coding which would be super helpful when it comes to making more technical changes and updates to our website. Photoshop is another beneficial marketing skill I’d love to master.

Tell us something we might not know about you

My best friend and I own a small business selling biodegradable glitter and upcycled clothing. Our overarching goal is to encourage our peers to be more mindful of their carbon footprint, especially when it comes to fashion. 

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