Mar 02, 2018

Employee Appreciation Day

A Thank You From Scott Miraglia

President of Elevation Marketing

Today marks National Employee Appreciation Day, and while I don’t believe you need a special holiday to appreciate the hard work of your employees, I do want to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to all of our phenomenal employees. Elevation Marketing employees work hard to make this agency a success, delivering marketing know-how to our clients and creating an environment that makes us all excited to walk into the office every single day. Because of all the work of our staff, Elevation and our clients have grown leaps and bounds in the last year, and this is only the beginning.

From the outside, a successful agency is defined as a company that delivers insightful and creative campaigns that move the needle for its clients, but from the inside its a group of passionate experts who thrive on pushing the boundaries and are dedicated to their clients. I have the pleasure of seeing these talented individuals put their craft into practice every day and I want to share my unique perspective. To give you the opportunity to see the essence of our agency, I’m  announcing a new blog series that puts the spotlight on the talent at Elevation, introducing our employee spotlight series.

We’ve created a culture of honest and transparent teamwork here at Elevation.This unique culture wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our employees who have a huge hand in shaping this thriving environment. Our clients trust us to tell their story, and our creative experts always deliver excellent results, which is why they keep coming back for more. Through this series, I hope everyone will be able to see a glimpse of how unique our agency is.

Elevation is continuing to grow and expand, as we’ve added a San Francisco office recently. I am excited about the team we have, and where we are headed. Thank you to the team for all of the countless hours you’ve put into making Elevation such a success, now it’s time to turn the spotlight on you to honor your hard work and showcase how you’ve helped the agency and our clients grow

Stay tuned for the first in the series as we give you an inside look at Elevation’s team on April 2nd.

Scott Miraglia


Elevation Marketing

Scott is a well-balanced risk-taking executive who has started, managed and grown multiple advertising, marketing and event agencies over a 25-year span. With a unique perspective, Scott combines his powerful business acumen with his impressive marketing experience to run a successful agency delivering integrated marketing programs for medium and large organizations.

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