Apr 13, 2018

How to Design an About Us Page That Demands Attention

Designers—your About Us page should not be treated as an afterthought, because when it comes to promoting your skills, abilities, and portfolio, this is your opportunity to go all out. It’s not about being an expert designer, in fact, most marketers don’t know much about design. The most important thing you can do is learn from those who are doing well, and create a vision for yourself—because there is always room for improvement.

Here is how to create an About Us page that forces your audience – and potential clients – to sit up and take notice.

Celebrate What Makes You Unique

The subject of the About Us page should be your unique selling proposition, that thing that makes you better than the competition. But don’t just list out your strengths like you’re building a resume— instead, tell the story of how you got your start, where you’ve been, who you’ve worked with along the way, and where you plan to go in the future. Mention any awards that you’ve won, accolades and positive mentions from other brands, and facts and figures that prove you’re the real deal.

Example: Jumpstart Creative

Don’t Make It All About You

This is tricky— how do you make an About Us page that’s about you not be about you? When a person finds your About Us, they want to know more about you. More importantly, they want to see if you have the skills to solve their pressing problem. Therefore, your About Us page should tell your story while also speaking to the reader’s needs.

Example: Sage Accounting


Let Your Clients Do the Talking

Infuse your About Us page with positive reviews and testimonials to show that you’re great at meeting and exceeding expectations. These raves from current and previous clients help you build trust with your audience. For best results, include text and the person’s image or a video testimonial for added credibility.

Example: Fortyonetwenty

Stretch Your Design Skills

If all you do is slap some text onto your About Us page and call it a day, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to showcase your talent. Visual appeal is critical to putting out a great first impression on the web, and your About page puts you on center stage. It’s your chance to shine. So, make your About Us page stunning whether visitors are using a mobile device or computer. You can do this by offering a variety of mediums, such as photos, illustrations, videos, or anything else your creativity can come up with.

Example: EHD


Once someone lands on your About Us page, they are “this close” to wanting to work with you. That won’t be the case with every visitor, but it never hurts to imagine that’s the case. If everyone who visited your About Us page were prepared to make a buying decision, you’ll want to make things easy. Leave an opt-in for your newsletter, a link to your Facebook page, or a text box where they can ask you a question or potentially hire you. If the visitor can’t figure out how to become a conversion, you’re doing it wrong. It should take a single click on your About Us page for a website visitor to become a lead.

Example: Chattanooga Renaissance Fund


Don’t be one of those designers who fail to put together a proper About Us page. Instead, let your uniqueness show through and tell your story. Speak to the visitor’s needs and show that you have the skills and experience to please the clients you work with. Most importantly, you have testimonials from clients that prove you’re the genuine article. The result is a visitor that wants to work with you, so you’ll want to make it easy with a clear-cut CTA. Don’t forget to update your About Us page every so often, as you win awards, appear in the press, or have a new product launch, for instance. As long as it’s one of the most attractive web pages on your site, you’ll finally have a designer’s About Us page worthy of envy.

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