Converting B2B Lead Generation Prospects into Customers

Converting B2B Lead Generation Prospects into Customers

As salespeople, we have a pipeline full of prospective customers. Why do some B2B lead generation prospects not turn into customers? The answer is that we tend to chase B2B leads that are not ready to buy, or our content isn’t tailored to their interests and/or needs and is chasing them away. The goal is to focus more attention on those leads that are serious about buying, and use content marketing to convert leads into customers. Let’s look at the top five ways to convert.


  1. Website Views – Prospects who spend time investigating your website are more likely to buy. The key is to leverage the power of content marketing to qualify prospects. Websites can potentially contain items that might irritate a prospect, meaning they don’t buy from you. Pop-Up Ads and slow loading pages will detour a customer away.
  2. Blogging – Do you have a blog? Prospects want to learn more about you. Customers purchase from people they trust. If you want to turn more B2B leads into buying customers, give the customers a chance to understand who they are buying from. Creating and maintaining a consistent blog builds trust and boosts SEO, bringing in more prospective leads.
  3. Avoid Buzzword Babble – Prospects are not interested in industry babble. A prospect from a B2B lead generation is a prospective customer and that prospective customer is a person. People like to be personable. Have a conversation – you know, the thing where you actually pick up the phone and talk person-to-person. Let that prospect know you are there.
  4. Nurture – The good ‘ole Hard Sell. As salespeople, we don’t want to ask right away for the prospect’s money. Slow down, be personable, and nurture your prospects. Show your prospect customer service. We don’t buy a house without touring the home, checking the neighborhood, and clearing an inspection. So why do we expect a prospect to buy right away?
  5. Have Integrity – Honesty is a key component in any relationship. Don’t treat prospects any differently. Always be honest with them. If you don’t know something, BE HONEST about it. There is nothing worse than a salesperson who tries to fluff their way through something rather than saying they don’t know.

Don’t waste your time chasing those prospects that are just Lookie Lous. Make sure your content marketing is up to par. Get out there and let the world know who you are and turn those B2B leads into buying customers.

See our case study below for a more in depth look at how our clients have been able to increase and close leads.

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