Nov 14, 2017

Capture Unlimited Marketing Leads With Online Quizzes

I’m sure you’ve seen fun quizzes going around social media. They are creative, visual, and engaging. But what you probably didn’t realize, is these quizzes can do more than entertain.

Quizzzes for Lead GenerationIn B2B marketing, quizzes offer a novel and easy way to lure and keep marketing leads, while simultaneously gathering buyer intelligence. Due to their interactive nature and ease of use, quizzes provide a budget-friendly and non-intrusive means for online lead generation and intelligence gathering. In fact, using quizzes as a part of your lead generation strategy can increase opt-in rates by 50 percent.

By asking the right questions, targeting the right people and putting an opt-in incentive in just the right place, your business can give a compelling reason for prospects to willingly relinquish their personal information, opt-in to your contact list, and improve your bottom line with customer intelligence feedback. The deeper your customer intelligence, the more effective your brand will be with forging emotional and sustainable connections with customers.

The following recommendations focus on how to incorporate quizzes into your marketing lead strategy for improved data integrity and revenue-generating opportunities.

Align Lead Marketing with Business Goals

When you strategically align your lead marketing strategies with your revenue goals, you create efficiency and impact. A clear understanding of your organizational business goals will help you set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals that drive real business results.

Your goals will dictate lead marketing objectives and those objectives will dictate quiz tactics. There are approximately 10 types of lead generation quizzes to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

These range from:

  • Multiple choice
  • True-false
  • Pop-up
  • Multiple Correct
  • Fill-In
  • Initial Answer
  • Short Answer
  • Essay
  • Matching
  • Ordering

It is important to create quizzes with the final goal in mind. This will force you to develop content and a basic framework that is most effective at achieving those results.

Hook Marketing Leads with Engaging Topics

Once you know how to structure your quiz, you can start creating your questions.

The first step is to pick your topic. Find an angle that your audience cares about and fit messages to individual characteristics. Message relevance is key to quickly appealing to members of your target audience.

It’s important to identify topics and write content that will resonate with your audience. Remember to consider your goal(s) and start with a small, target group of people to test the engagement levels of your quizzes. Your audience should not be everyone. Instead, customize quizzes to address the interests of individual factions of your target audience.

If you try to address the entire world with your quiz, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Remember in lead marketing, quality supersedes quantity.

Create Attention-Grabbing Titles

You want your quiz to receive as much attention as possible … giving it a great title will help you do that. Think of it as a movie title, include direct action words, make bold claims and use active voice.

Quiz titles should be something that makes a great first impression. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Use the word “actually.” As in “What do you actually know about … ”. This is usually in a knowledge test, but including the word “actually” gets people interested in testing their own knowledge.
  • Use terms like “Think you know.” Like “Think you know millennials?” or “Think you know MDF (marketing development fund)?” This is another way of getting people to test their own knowledge while raising awareness about a particular matter.

Write Your Questionslead marketing

Your questions should be fun and conversational. You want to make it enjoyable for your audience. Don’t be afraid to get personal and let your own personality shine.

Make your quiz fit your brand by incorporating similar diction and tone across all quizzes. Be sure to also use the word “you” rather than “I” to engage your audience.

Smarter Opt-In Lead Marketing

The opt-in form is the most important part of the process! This is where you will turn prospects into marketing leads.

The key is the placement of your form. It should be after the last question, but before you display the results. If they’ve made it to the final question they are already engaged. They’re already committed to the quiz.

To ensure they fill out your opt-in form, make them an offer they can’t refuse. Besides just giving them their results, you could offer a complimentary user guide, eBook or whitepaper.

Also, be honest with your audience and let them know that they will be signed up for your email list and what to expect. Your email list is not a bad thing, and informing people of the benefits of being connected with your company will help drive form completion.

Deliver the Results

Finally, deliver on your promise. After a prospect opts-in, reveal his or her quiz results. Make sure your result synopsis is not too long. Make it short and sweet, while still providing value. Take advantage of the results you are giving people. The results are your chance to go viral.

Make it easy for people to share their results on their social media profiles. Something like “I got (result) on (quiz title). Take the quiz to find out (quiz subject).” People enjoy sharing results like this, and it’s a great way to spread the word about your company without any increase in marketing spend.

Online quizzes are an easy, cost-effective, and non-intrusive way of generating unlimited marketing leads for your business. With proper planning, quizzes deliver meaningful customer intelligence that translates into remarkable business value.

Learn more about how to keep your marketing leads by downloading this free guide on B2B lead generation strategies.

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