Nov 14, 2017

8 Reasons Your B2B Video Marketing Stinks

Are your video marketing efforts failing to produce the results you were expecting? Are you one of the 92 percent of B2B Marketers who use video for demand generation (per the 2012 Demand Generation Benchmark Report from Software Advice, Eloqua and, but can’t figure out why your B2B videos are not going viral?


Don’t panic, Elevation Marketing is here to help. Below is a list of common problems to diagnose your video marketing challenges.

Ask yourself:

1.  Do you still use video as a megaphone?

Your video is focused almost entirely on your company, your products or services. You endlessly belt out the latest features but often neglect sharing why we should care about widget 2.x. The sooner you start focusing on and solving the pains of your customers, the better return on your marketing investment.

2.  Do you ignore comments on your video channel?

That is like not ‘answering the phone’ to today’s connected buyer.

Or worse yet, you don’t allow viewers to comment on your video marketing. Being social involves bi-lateral communications, so allow users to comment and start a conversation around your video content. After all, isn’t that the point?

3.  Is your video content ridiculously boring?

Nobody wants to listen to a talking head speaking industry buzzwords. Speak the language of your viewers. Share knowledge, be useful and embrace the power of humor in video marketing.

And if you can’t get buy-in to be funny, use babies – or sharks. Don’t believe it can work for you? Check out how Cisco sells technology featuring sharks in its video.

4.  Are your videos are too long?

If you have earned my interest in watching your video, now you have very limited time to prove yourself worthy by being valuable. Studies have shown that 30-second videos have an 85% completion rate. Don’t try to tell your whole story in one video. At most your videos should be between 90-seconds and 2 minutes, max.

5.  Does nobody see your videos?

How does your audience learn about your videos? Don’t make the common mistake of spending your whole budget on an over-produced video, throw it on YouTube, without promoting or optimizing it, and expect to “go viral.” You have to market your videos and optimize your videos to be found.

6.  Is your video player a dead end?

Let’s say your video succeeds in earning eyeballs and now your prospect is ready to take next steps in becoming a customer. Do you make it possible, easy or intuitive to continue the discussion with your company? Video marketing can be a critical part of nurturing your buyer’s journey, but you can’t make it hard for them. Connect to or display your videos on conversion-oriented landing pages, not dead-end redirects.

7.  Does your video marketing suffer from the ‘Curse of Too’?

We’ve already talked about not being too long, too boring or have too high a production standard. Additionally immunize your video marketing from the Curse of Too and avoid becoming ‘me too’ copycat.

No more Gangnam style or Harlem Shake videos. Ever. You will earn more trust from your prospect by sharing a genuinely helpful video than you will by dancing awkwardly.

8.  Not doing any video marketing?

We are a visual society. If you are not yet using video marketing and storytelling to attract, connect, convert and delight your customer, you are missing an opportunity.

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