Nov 14, 2017

B2B Client Success Story: Direct Solutions MultiGuard Protect® Product Marketing

b2b-client-success-story-direct-solutions-multiguard-protect.jpgIntroducing a new product to the market can help your B2B business gain quicker awareness and greater end-user interest. However, you can only reap these benefits if you’ve designed a carefully targeted marketing campaign combined with in-depth research, strategy and creativity.

To help position its new product, MultiGaurd Protect®, for selling success, Direct Solutions – a fertilizer, seed and plant product distributor – asked Elevation Marketing to use their creativity, ingenuity and on-target product positioning strategy to design an end-to-end product launch campaign.

Product Marketing

The Challenge: Product Marketing

Parasitic nematodes cause serious visible damage to sports and turf lawns, requiring treatment from golf courses and other landscapes. To address this issue, Direct Solutions developed MultiGuard Protect – a natural and safe solution for controlling nematodes on turf. In addition, the chemical offered a convenient, economical alternative to existing competitor products. For Elevation, the challenge became simple: how do we differentiate MultiGuard as a better, safer solution for golf course and landscape managers?

The Strategy: Integrated Marketing Campaign

To ensure MultiGuard was positioned for success, Elevation developed an integrated marketing campaign that emphasized the solution’s valuable and immediate benefit to turf managers. The compelling campaign included print and online ads, emails, collateral, direct mail, press releases and customer testimonials. In addition, Elevation also took the necessary extra steps to work collaboratively with Direct Solutions’ sales team, helping them understand the messaging, tools and benefits available.

The Business Wins

After implementing the carefully positioned marketing strategy and communications tools, Direct Solutions was able to reach – and ultimately exceed – their original projections for MultiGuard’s success.

  • Product awareness and generated interest have increased substantially
  • Sales volume has improved year over year by 30 percent

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