Nov 09, 2018

3 Ways Tech Marketers Can Use Interactive Content to Sell More

The B2B world is quickly catching onto the importance of content. In fact, 70% of marketers in this industry are creating more content today than they were a year ago.

But because there’s such an influx of content (more than 3 million blog posts alone are published a day), it’s a growing struggle for tech marketers to stand out in an increasingly crowded online arena.

Which is why it’s time to shake things up.

Sure, static blog posts can lure in eyeballs and standard videos still get views, but more and more internet users are wanting to actively engage with the content they consume. This is precisely why interactive content has taken off over the past couple of years.

According to research by Demand Metric, 3 times as many marketers said interactive content performed “very well” compared to passive content.



It’s not just page views and fresh traffic that interactive content encourages, though. It also generates 2 times more conversions than passive content, which means more sales, more customers, and more profit.

So now you know what interactive content can do for you, here are some ways you can start using it to boost your business.

Interactive Infographics

When static infographics first burst into the scene they proved a huge hit for tech marketers who could use them to turn complicated topics into easily digestible graphics.

Today, the infographics market is pretty saturated, leading to a number of brands stepping things up a notch and making their infographics interactive.

Take Symantec, for example. The internet security brand created an Internet Security Threat Report that was embedded with moving charts, small quizzes, and key information that users could engage with.

By presenting a dry topic in an enthusiastic way, it gives people who might have been overwhelmed by what they offer the chance to really understand how Symantec can help them.

Infographics like this can be a great addition to the top of the funnel, where potential buyers can learn more about your product in an engaging way. From there, you can lead them onto an email list to nurture them further before they buy.


If you’ve ever used a tool to measure your marketing ROI or to figure out what your budget should be for something, you’ve actively engaged with a piece of interactive content.

Calculators are particularly prominent in the tech industry because they help to qualify leads quickly and in an engaging way. They not only make the lead generation process more personal, but they help prospects imagine where they could be in the future if they invest in your tool or software.

For talent management software brand SilkRoad, a calculator was the perfect lead generation tool.

In fact, their Onboarding ROI Calculator helped them get more than 250 new leads when they first released it.


You’ve probably done a Buzzfeed quiz at some point.

They’re all over social media – and for good reason: Buzzfeed gets more than 75% of its quiz traffic from social media alone. That’s because people like to find out things about themselves, whether it’s what Disney Princess they are or where they should go on their next vacation.

The good news is that this form of interactive content is easily transferable to the tech world. Take Freshbooks, for example, a cloud-based accounting software.

They use a quiz to guide people on to their email list and to serve up personalized content to those subscribers based on the results they get. These types of quizzes help the customer and Freshbooks better understand pain points and possible solutions to those pain points.

The results of quizzes are pretty amazing. In fact, the average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate, which is more than a lot of other marketing tactics can offer.

If you decide to use a quiz to capture leads, you can drastically increase the number of conversions you get by only providing the results via email. And, because prospects have already taken the time to go through the quiz, they have demonstrated that they already have an interest in what you have to offer.

It’s Time to Get Interactive

Interactive content might sound complicated, particularly if you only have a small marketing budget to play with. But you actually don’t have to break the bank to implement these techniques and see huge results.

Quizzes, calculators, and interactive infographics have all proven to be incredibly engaging ways to capture the attention of quality prospects, guide them through the buying funnel, and turn them into customers quicker than a lot of other marketing methods.

Want to get started on creating interactive content? See how we can help.

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