Dec 31, 2015

Leveraging The Agriculture B2B Marketplace For Ag Business

leveraging_the_agriculture-b2b-marketplace-fo-ag-business.jpgAs technology and the ability to connect with individuals and companies continue to evolve and grow, so does the opportunity to leverage marketplaces within a specific industry to the advantage of your business. Specifically in the agricultural industry, there is an abundance of resources within the agriculture B2B marketplace available to your agriculture business.

These resources vary from local to international and allow the ability to rely on transactions from business to business. For example, some agriculture businesses will use the agriculture B2B marketplace to obtain (buy/sell) raw materials or products integral to their farming business.


  1. Saving on transaction lead time and cost
  2. Diminishing competition with increased transparency for agriculture products
  3. The ability to reach a wide range and variety of businesses outside your immediate network

There are three types of agriculture B2B marketplaces to choose from based on pricing structure:

  1. Paid / Premium Marketplace: This environment functions in a similar way to the typical online buying process. Agriculture businesses are expected to pay for services or goods up front, which presents the ideal opportunity to have your offerings or products placed in strategic areas within the ag business
  1. Free & Premium Marketplace: A combination of both free and premium offerings. Typically, the free items are offered to a larger audience while the paid or premium agriculture business items are offered to a smaller audience, dependent on type of item and duration of listing.
  1. Free Marketplace: Free for agriculture professionals or agriculturists who are within the commercial agriculture space to offer listings free to businesses or contacts and make potentially profitable connections within this marketplace for future business opportunities. The items featured within this marketplace can range from farm products to equipment and supplies.

Leveraging these marketplaces is critical to your agriculture business not only for obtaining agriculture products or services but also for making important connections. The connection opportunities are endless, and allow your agriculture business to find new prospects and outside partners. Agriculture B2B e-commerce facilitates the ability to create a lasting partnership with contacts that can ultimately save your ag business on delivery time, cost analysis and overall reduced costs.

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