Sep 01, 2021

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet One of Our Account Managers, Danielle Morgan!


For the month of August, we sat down with one of our newer Account Managers, Danielle Morgan. Keep reading to learn more about Danielle and her role at Elevation!

1. What is a typical day in your life?

My day usually starts really early, getting my kids to school and heading into the office. It’s usually full speed almost immediately, and as an Account Manager, no day is ever the same. I have a lot of client meetings with leaders in a variety of industries, so I’m always learning new things and getting to talk with lots of interesting people.
We also do a lot of internal collaboration and talk through challenging projects with the various departments that are involved to make sure everyone is on the same page and ensure client success.
It’s constant balance of staying on top of projects, communication with clients on a regular basis, and representing the agency’s integrity while also positioning myself as a client advocate.


2. How did you choose this career path?

I have an English degree and have always loved writing and communications. My first job out of college was in marketing and sales and I quickly learned how much I enjoy working with people and managing lots of different projects at once. Several years ago I broadened my experience in MarCom as a Communications Director in the non-profit sector where I learned a great deal about branding, production, and collaborating and leading creative teams. I’ve always enjoyed marketing, communications, and strategic thinking and this role allows me to continually use those skills as I further grow within the industry.


3. What drew you to Elevation Marketing?

Elevation Marketing meets all the criteria I have in a job. The culture is a healthy one where people are given the opportunity to develop and thrive. The job is fast-paced and offers new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. The environment is very friendly, and it also helps that we have a beautiful office that’s just 15 minutes from where I live!


4. What would people never guess you do in your role?

We do a lot of budget forecasting. Managing large budgets and monitoring projects closely to make sure they fall in line with the allocated amounts is something we must navigate on a regular basis.


5. In your mind, what sets Elevation apart from other agencies?

Integrity is a big part of the Elevation culture and that’s exemplified from the top down. We strive to bring our very best work to the client while making recommendations that not only help them achieve their goals but are also in their very best interest. It’s really special to be part of a team that’s aligned in that way.


6. Tell us something we may not know about you.

I’m a 2nd generation, Arizona native.


7. What’s your favorite thing to do in Phoenix?

My husband and I love exploring new and exciting restaurants throughout Phoenix and there’s so many great places to check out! Anytime good food is paired with live music, that’s a good time in my opinion.

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