Make Your Brand the Center of Attention

Launch parties. Grand openings. Sales conferences. Trade shows. Dealer meetings. Professional forums. Charitable fundraising. Whatever your next live B2B marketing event may be, making it a success takes more than an attractive exhibit booth and attention-grabbing signage – it requires strategic planning and narrative messaging grounded in customer priorities.

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Every event should be a journey.

As a full-service B2B event marketing agency, we can create impactful staging and signage to spotlight your brand on any occasion. But that’s just the beginning. The key that unlocks business growth is our ability to position your event as more than a one-off. To your target audience, it should feel like a curated experience that unfolds organically. Anyone immersed in one of your events should be on a continuous journey of client relationship building.

Big-picture strategy for memorable events that tell your brand story

At Elevation Marketing, we view B2B event marketing strategy through the macro lens of your umbrella corporate B2B marketing strategy, using data to ensure every interaction aligns with identified marketing goals and objectives – and draws in the right audience – to squeeze every drop of value out of every moment. We see event strategy as a uniquely tangible opportunity to craft unforgettable narrative messages that nurture leads into sales.

Event strategy starts well before the curtain rises and lasts long after the lights go off

Getting potential customers to attend your event is challenging enough, and most live events typically offer limited windows for face-to-face customer engagement. We leverage years of B2B event planning experience, implementing trusted best practices so your team can maximize those precious moments with customers before, during and after an event.

Right from the start, we study and understand all motivations behind the event and the outcomes you desire. Together, we’ll build a plan to generate event awareness, maximize attendance and schedule pre-show appointments. We’ll be there on game day, providing valuable support to make sure everything goes flawlessly. And we’ll be there after the curtain falls, helping with post-show tasks, attendee follow-up activities and tracking key event metrics to gauge success and improve future events. For example, follow-up communications can span the digital and traditional media spectrum from direct InMail messages on LinkedIn to branded thank you cards finely printed and sent by mail.

Where art and science come together with creativity and strategy

Data-driven planning is only half the story. Because Elevation is an award-winning B2B marketing agency with top-notch creatives, we’ve got the skills and resources ready to develop the collateral materials that unify your message and narrative with your B2B event presence and execution. From print and broadcast to digital media and physical design assets, head-turning signage and staging to innovative exhibit design and construction, Elevation makes your brand the center of attention.

Engaging event planning services

We offer a range of innovative B2B event planning services to maximize event impact:

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