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Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Marketers’ creative tactics get all the spotlight: great pitches, big ideas and impressive creativity. All of that helps drive sales but only if it’s supporting a clear and effective strategy. Strategy is the necessary glue that binds all that brilliant creativity into a focused tool that delivers on specific business goals in any B2B marketing plan.

In the past two decades, marketing agencies have been relying on niche approaches where the likes of SEO experts, PR pros, branding or content experts and others each sell you on why their niche specialty is the one that will definitely drive sales. However, each of these siloed enterprises struggle to maintain relevance because they offer only a single tactic that isn’t aligned to a greater marketing strategy. Just imagine a warrior with a sword facing off against another warrior with a whole arsenal of weapons to choose from (including, perhaps, a machine gun). And for the business owner, juggling all these disparate tactical approaches becomes time consuming, confusing and frustrating.

Strategy clarifies goals. It unifies disparate teams and aligns everyone with a single marketing purpose. Strategy gives your tactical initiatives a focused purpose and helps you integrate tactics together to make all of them more effective. A solid strategy also measures results and is flexible enough to add or modify existing tactics to increase marketing effectiveness and help your business achieve its goals.

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Our Approach​

Elevation’s approach to strategy integrates all the relevant tactical capabilities to serve the purchasing triggers, values and channels that are relevant to your specific audiences. We bridge the gap between customer need and business objectives, delivering a cohesive marketing and sales-aligned strategy that drives impactful results.

We take into account our client’s requests for “SEO guy” or “someone who knows branding” and integrate these tactics into a cohesive strategy that serves a specific business goal.

Some of our clients’ favorite strategy components include:
  • Research that effectively targets buyer motivations and pain points
  • Clear communication and alignment between Sales and Marketing
  • Content development tailored to the customer’s sales funnel position
  • Brand messaging and value proposition assessment
  • Position development

To learn more about how we create a winning strategy, click on one of the links below:

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