The Challenge

Toro, a leader in turf and landscape maintenance, wanted to launch its new Lynx Control System, a state-of-the-art irrigation control product. However, it needed to do so with an eye towards preserving its long-held brand position and not disrupt or detract from it.

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Our Approach

We conducted extensive research into the product, its competitors and crafted messaging that resonated with the relationships Toro has with golf course decision makers and influencers. Then, we effectively communicated how the product addresses the challenges these influencers face on a daily basis. We used messaging that empowers customers to make the most of their time by allowing the technology to simplify their irrigation process.

The Results

  • The new product found an immediate connection with audiences who saw it as a tool to free up decision makers’ time for higher-level initiatives.
  • The Lynx Control System was seen as a natural evolution of the brand’s existing irrigation products.
  • The effort set the stage for Toro to expand to an entire line of irrigation control products.

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