Elevation’s Multi-Tiered Innovation Strategy Dramatically Repositioned The Tiki Brand As The Category Leader

The Challenge

Lamplight Farms, the parent company of TIKI® Brand torches everyone equates with summertime fun, recognized the ascent of the outdoor living trend and wanted to innovate the TIKI Brand portfolio to add designer-friendly products, create year-round appeal, and make them more difficult for low-cost competitors to recreate.

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Our Approach

Elevation used its proprietary innovation process to assess and address the TIKI Brand’s challenges. With insight gleaned from a multi-pronged discovery phase, Elevation recruited a cross-functional team of industrial designers, real-time sketch artists, interior designers, trend experts and others to produce innovations in brand equity, product design and retail strategies. 

The Results

  • During its first year in-market with its expanded portfolio, TIKI Brand sales reached $33 million at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores alone.
  • Elevation’s multi-tiered innovation strategy dramatically repositioned the TIKI Brand as the category leader.
  • New technologies, value-added features and design enhancements garnered greater margins for the TIKI Brand.

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