Brand Positioning Strategy Increases Sales Pipeline By 84%

The Challenge

As Chicago Pneumatic grew in size and scope, the need for a solidified brand strategy became increasingly apparent. Lacking the resources for quantitative market research, the industrial manufacturer tapped into Elevation Marketing’s years of industry and international branding experience, resulting in a fresh approach to brand positioning and identity creation.

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Our Approach

Develop a distinct and value-based brand positioning strategy to grow a loyal customer base. The strategy included building a framework for content marketing, which expressed the differentiating truths behind the brand.

Using a system of graphic expression, we reintroduced Chicago Pneumatic’s services and solutions to the channel, while elevating its brand position and exposure.

The company’s identity system was designed with an emphasis on brand language, sharp visual contrast and refined details to communicate high performance and power.

The Results

  • Stronger, more defined presence on scale
  • Provided on-demand sales readiness content
  • A continued — and successful — partnership between Elevation and Chicago Pneumatic

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