Mobile Sales App Increased Sales Capabilities Overnight

The Challenge

Haas Automation, Inc. partnered with Elevation Marketing to create a mobile app platform to support field reps and enhance the trade show experience. Haas needed a portable digital database that housed its sales intelligence offerings. The CNC machine tool builder wanted a ready-to-run, turnkey sales enablement mobile app for dealer reps that provided up-to-date context specific content.

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Our Approach

A next-generation mobile app that featured contextual mobile capabilities enabled for agent customization. Programmed with 11 different languages, the app allowed sales reps to easily build personalized experiences at runtime. The user experience was based on specific sales needs and sales environment. Field reps could control which product offerings were viewable by the end user, thereby transitioning that individual through the buying process with ease.

The dependable and user-friendly content management platform ensured product catalogs were always up-to-date and accurately portrayed. The mobile sales app empowered hundreds of Haas dealer reps to close deals from anywhere.

The Results

  • Increased sales capabilities overnight by serving customers whenever and wherever
  • Designed usability for real customer engagement
  • Provided robust features for real mobile sales enablement

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